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Is time runnung out??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 18, 2007
  • 04:52 PM

My journey begins 4 months ago.I was told I had Meniere's disease close to 20 years ago,the vertigo attacks incraesed fom 1 every 6 months to 3 times a week in a short span.I went and got 3 gentamicin shots in my left ear.3 months later I am still housebound,have been told I am bilateral.I had my eyes checked on Jan.18,07.I noticed my left eye becoming foggy and out of focus 3 weeks ago,I paid out ogf my own pocket to get my eyes checked again.I have had a 25% change in my prescipition in a short time.Now it seems"2 weeks later both eyes are changing again.I have had much pain and pressure around both eye and eye sockets.Left arm and leg went numb at same time,3 weeks ago.Last week I sarted with mild headaches and feeling someone is pulling my scalp,after I wakeup I feel fine "accept for eyes"as time goes on with me in upright position eye's,headache and foggy head feeling increase.I had a MRIit camr back clean,I am scheduled for MRA and carh. neck ultra sound in 3 weks.I am to see Nurolgist in 3 weeks also.This as fast as they could shcdule me,but I feel it will be to late!I am seeing my vision change daily!I am afraid of a slow storke"if there is such a thing"Sorry for the bad speeling and typing but this is the best I can do right now.

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  • Hi,There is no such thing as exactly a "slow stroke" but there is such thing as a series of tiny strokes. If you feel that things are moving really fast, call the doctors and tell them you are fearing for your eyesight, and your life. But honestly, they are unlikely to get you in sooner, only will tell you to go the ER.And if they won't see you sooner, and you really feel that something is happening RIGHT NOW, then go to the ER. Also, if there is a hospital near you, perhaps there is a neurology team there, and if you call and explain what is happening, maybe they would get you in sooner. Yes, that would mean changing neurologists (assuming you have seen the other one before) but if this is how you feel, then move fast.My own opinion is that you are the person experiencing this, and you know best if this is something that is happening too fast.I will say, if the problems you are experiencing are very specific (eyes) and not specific to a side (right or left) then it unlikely to be a stroke problem. I do not know what it is.Mostly, I'm just writing back because when I come on line and see that someone is scared, and no one has responded, I feel like I want to respond with something. But I am definitely not knowledgeable about the particular symptoms you describe. I wish you well.Shula
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  • my husband had similar symptoms, was given similar appts by the drs, gave up and went to the ER, was forced to wait 7 hours, and then they wanted to send him home. Only becoz he complained tha he also had neck pain, did they do the carotid ultrasound. they found a 99% blockage and scheduled him for surgery immediately. the ER doc said he was going to send him home becoz he was "only" 45. He's now 48 and as healthy as can be. So, moral of story is JUST GO TO AN ER.
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  • I thought I would update you all.After vesbular rehab on Tuesday I felt so bad I went to my HMO imedate care.The doc on duty for the 1st time LISTENED to me.Had a NECK xray done"because he said my neck looked short for a man of my 6 ft,5",and the way I carry my head.Well neck XRAY showed problems with bottom missing disc and 4 lower pointed vertebra,and holes in vertebra that are constricted.They got me neck MRI 3 hours later same day.I am seeing my local neurolgist on Friday.This is the second time in less than a year my primary doc has missed SIMPLE problems,with inexpensive diagnosic methods to use.From my complaints a ER doc found them in less than 5 minutes.I am going to be in the market for a new primary doctor after this neck thing runs its course.
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  • I am so glad you found a doc that listened to you, and has found some of the problem. That is great. And I really appreciate you updating here. I often wonder what is happening with people who post.Please do post again when you know more about what they say to DO about the severe problems in your neck.And I might suggest that you ask the doc who found those problems, if he can recommend a primary care physician. Good luck,Shula
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  • I am having surgury next week.I am not looking forward to it,but I thank GOD for a doctor that listened and didn't blow me off!I have been told by the surgon doing the surgury that I was lucky,I could have gone blind,or had bigger problems from a pinched/severed nerve group in my lower neck.
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  • I am so glad, Aldo. You knew something had to be done quickly, and I'm glad someone finally listened and is following through. Neck surgery seems scary, I've had it. But it was the best thing I ever did. It was surprising how much better I was afterwards.Take your time after the surgery--your body is much more exhausted healing than you can ever realize! Men in particular have a habit of trying to "get up and go" too soon. All the best,Shula
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