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Is this normal?

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  • Posted By: qwertyuiop123
  • April 16, 2008
  • 03:17 AM

I'm a teenager I do not get a lot of exercise due to knee problems, and for the last year or so have noticed numbness or tingling i'm not really sure which. At first it was just in my ankles when i was crouching, but recently almost any physical activity makes my ankles feel kind of numb tingling or weak and the other day i went rock climbing and wasn't able to climb like i used to because i could not hang onto the rocks with my arms for long and would have to let go. For the next day and a half or so my arms felt numb. now they are just sore. What I want to know is whether muscles get weak and numb when you get more exercise than usual or if they are just supposed to be sore.

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  • No, they should not get weak and tingling and numb...that is a bit unusual. Do you have any other symptoms? Unusual tiredness, fatigue? Digestive issues dry skin,.....anything else? I can think of a few things but need a few more clues...If you really have not exercised AT ALL...like in bed for month or something, muscles can get very weak, but that does not sound like your case. In the meantime, tell your parents and see what they think. Joan
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  • Could be caused by increased oxidation from the exercise. Oxtioxidants may be called for - increasing magnesium and well as other electrolytes may be helpful.
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  • You need to get checked for diabetes as soon as possible.
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  • You might ask your doctor to check your spine. You might have some sort of problem with your back that is pinching nerves.
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  • I haven't been in bed i just haven't been doing things like running or long walks because it hurts my knees, and i don't really like running anyway. And as for other symptoms I just remembered that lately when I've bounced on my trampoline everytime i come down my back kind of feels weird. A few months ago i was doing flips on my trampoline and then my back started hurting real bad everytime i would jump and then land and i already had a doctors appointment a few days later so i asked the doctor and she checked me for scoliosis and said my back seemed fine and then told me it was just because I have bad posture and need to stand up straught. So i don't really know if this has anything to do with the numbness or tingling or whatever but it seems like bad posture wouldn't really explain why it only hurt when i jumped. I just had a physical and they said my blood sugar looked normal. I have complained to my mom, and mentioned it to my doctor and she didn't really seem worried but it seems like it gotten a lot worse so i mentioned it a couple nights ago again to my mom and she thought i should try doing some internet research of my own, so here i am.I am looking into the possibility of the lyme and other infections you suggested right now. I know electrolytes are in things like gatorade what would you suggest i do for magnesium? Thanks for the help :)
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  • Also, i realized i sometimes get pains kind of like shin splints in both my feet and hands
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  • An updateso i went to the doctor a few days ago she said no family history of anything like this, and it is positional, so she thought it was most likely a vascular problem, ang gave me a referal. Also i mentioned that i was still having a lot of back pain so she ordered an x-ray. My mom and the doctor's office played phone tag all day monday and tuesday, until tuesday night when my mom finally got ahold of a nurse or someone who said (quoteing my mom as best as I can) "there was some inflamation in your.. something and their going to give you a referal to some other doctor". since the xrays were of my back i assume it is my back or spine or whatever that is inflamed and when i asked where i was being refered to she said she didn't remember, so i started naming off different types of doctors hoping that would help her remember and she said maybe it was neurologist, then changed her mind and said actually she doesn't think the nurse told her what type of doctor, just that they were giving me a referal. Also, she doesn't know if i'm still going to be refered to a vascular doctor. so i'm really not sure whats going on anymore, but i feel like we are getting somewhere, slowly but surely... sorry that was really long
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  • my dad called back the doctor i forgot to tell him to ask if i still need a vascular referal but he found out there is inflamation in my c4 to s1 and i am getting a referal to an orthopedic doctor.
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  • Try for physical therapy and acupuncture before they operate.
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  • I just realized i said C4 instead of L4 its between L4- S1
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  • I would get tested for Lyme and some common coinfections like bartonella. Bartonella loves the knees. Click on "symptoms": http://www.canlyme.com/ When to Suspect Lyme:http://www.angelfire.com/biz/romarkaraoke/whento.htm Lymenet: http://flash.lymenet.org/ubb/ultimatebb.phpCan someone BLOCK this creepy person who keeps haunting posts by assuming they are caused by lime diesease or EMG?
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  • I just realized i said C4 instead of L4 its between L4- S1Go to a chiropractor. They work miricles. I had an inflamation from C-4 to L-5 and T-4 to S-2
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  • I'm waiting for the appoitment with the orthepedic doctor, but i definitely might try a chiropractor. I don't understand why blaze posts that on everyone's threads, can they remove him (...or her i guess) from this site
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  • she would just re-surface under another name..
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  • Please don't see a chiropractor until you've been thoroughly checked out and had your spine sufficiently visualized! It's against chiropractic standards to treat someone until they've been thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed by medical doctors and it could be incredibly dangerous.In fact, most chiropractor shouldn't even treat anyone with a diagnosed spinal problem without the express consent of a doctor. I think alternative therapies are great, I'm not trying to discourage that. I just think it's important to get all the information before moving stuff around. It's always better to look before you leap.I would definitely recommend you see a Neurologist as well as an orthopedist. Also, once you've gotten everything figured out and the doctors have done a thorough visualization and exam of your spine, neck, and head, then you should definitely look into other treatment options before surgery. But that's kind of putting the cart before the horse at this point.One thing I will add in conclusion is that, after you've been thoroughly evaluated, I would recommend that you seek chiropractic treatment from a D.O. rather than a chiropractor. D.O. stands for Doctor of Osteopathy - they're just like M.D.s, they're just as qualified, they've been entirely through medical school, and are fully licensed to practice medicine. But the cool thing is, in the midst of traditional medical school, they also go through extensive scientific courses in alternative therapies - including skeletal and muscular adjustments like chiropractic therapies. The benefit to seeing a D.O. rather than a chiropractor is that they have a full and expansive medical understanding of the body. They're just as knowledgeable as a doctor, so they understand how the systems interact, and how adjusting a certain muscle or a certain part of the skeleton might interact with another system of the body. I highly recommend them for people with spinal issues in particular because that's some pretty important hardware to go messing around with; if it were me, I'd want someone with as much training as possible doing the actual work.I found out about D.O.s for two reasons - first off, my older brother went into medical school and he ended up going through a D.O. medical school rather than the traditional M.D. So I was right there while he went through his training and I saw first-hand that it's completely top rate and completely equal to the training any M.D. gets.Secondly, everyone was telling me to go see a chiropractor a few years ago for these headaches I kept getting. I kept feeling uneasy about it so I didn't go, and it's a good thing I didn't! I did everything in a logical order, I went to see my neurologist first, I had scans and tests done. And it turned out I had a very serious and potentially dangerous malformation at the base of my skull, where the skull connects to the spine. If a chiropractor had started messing with that before I knew what was going on, he could have inadvertently caused some very, very serious and permanent damage - including paralysis. Now that I know what's going on and how my bones are put together, responsible chiropractors won't even touch me because it's so dangerous. But D.O.s, because of their training, they're able to do less-severe stretches, acupuncture and stuff, and it works wonders! It's really helped my headaches and I haven't had to have surgery at all. So yeah, just look before you leap, that's all I wanted to say. Please finish up with the docs before moving on to therapies that could cause problems. Any good chiropractor should tell you the same thing! Then once you get a diagnosis and you know what's going on, by all means, look into all the wonderful alternative therapies out there.Good luck!!
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  • Thanks for the advice i definitely plan to get a diagnosis and if needed treatment plan, but will also be open to alternative medicine. I hadn't heard of D.O.s but that makes a lot of sense, so if i do at some point want to try alternative medicine i will try a D.O. My mom is worried about the idea of me missing more school and thinks it would e best for me to wait and see the doctor in six weeks. I would rather find out whats going on now, but since the doctor didn't give us much to go on, or really anything to go on all she said was inflamation between L4 and S1 i don't know if thats nothing to worry about, if its serious if its why i've been going numb, i don't really know anything except that its causing my back to hurt. Does anyone know what might cause inflamation from L4-S1?
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  • I went to an orthopedic doctor today, where i was told i have kyphosis, which caused degenerative arthritis, however it is unlikely this is actually the cause of the tingling (the orthopedic doctor thinks it is tingling not numbness), so i think i still need to make an apppointment with a vascular doctor. Also, the orthopedic doctor is going to have me get a mri.
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  • Pain, tingling, knees, it's all symptoms of lyme disease. And before you lose memory, fatigue, headache and more, you should read again the mail of Blaze and try with your parents to go see a LLMD (lyme specialist)Here is the proof for your parents, that infectious doctor are not right today for lyme disease. http://www.ct.gov/ag/cwp/view.asp?a=2795&q=414284You can go out of this with antibiotics.
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  • The knees and weakness in my legs can also be symptoms of the kyphosis, and the tingling in my arms could be vascular because i already have circulation problems (raynauds). I did look into lyme but i never had a rash, nor do i have any symptoms besides joint pain and the weakness/tingling. If nothing is wrong vascularly or neurologically or i start to develop more symptoms i would investigate that further.
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  • Sorry this is so long, my questions are the last couple paragraphs, the first are just me complaining I went to a neurologist who was interested in the raynauds syndrome, as it could be secondary to an autoimmune disease or connective tissue disease etc. She wanted me to have blood work done, and an emg nerve stimulation thing. I went yesterday to have my blood drawn. I was sort of nervous, because about nine months ago, when donating blood, I went completely white, felt very dizzy, etc. It was a very bad experience, i could not stand for several hours, as my blood pressure would drop. the nurse assured me that wouldn't happen with a blood draw, so i calmed down, until the second or third vial when i started feeling sick, i told her i wanted to lie down, and she said they didn't have anywhere for me to lie down i tried to slouch down in my chair, and some other lady starting kicking my feet (what the heck? lol) and telling me to sit up. I then realized my eyes were open, but all I could see was black. Of course I was freaking out by then, so they had me put my head on the desk, and then, once i had recovered, reached for my other arm, because the raynauds had prevented them from being able to get enough blood fromo my first arm. This time I was able to stand after only a few minutes, but i was angry, because what kind of lab doesn't have somewhere for you to lie down, and second of all, they didn't check my blood pressure, and treated me as if i was just panicking. I plan to be a doctor, blood doesn't bother me. I had blood drawn once before, when i was having knee pain, and once to figure out if my stomache aches were something other than ibs, and nothing happened, but now that i've had the tingling and numbness, when donating blood or having blood drawn, i think it somehow makes my blood pressure drop. Is the drop in blood pressure related to the tingling??? Another question, I fit most symptoms of lupus, except fever and rash, anyone know of a condition like that? Sometime between when i started this thread and now, i've become a LOT more fatigued
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    • September 5, 2008
    • 05:38 PM
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