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Is this a std?

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  • Posted By: zodiac7
  • May 4, 2008
  • 07:14 PM

I had this frequent urination and burning sensation (at the tip) while urinating. It got worse when I went to a hillstation - had to urinate every 10 minutes.
I also noticed that I was not lubricating easy (no precum).
Doctors were not sure what it was and treated me for a urine infection.
I notice I still urinate about 4-6 times a day.
Burning sensation is gone.
Today I noticed some read spots (very small but sort of like pimples or rash) on the head of my penis.
All this happened a week after I had sex with someone (condom tore but I put on a new one).
It's not much of a problem right now. Should I be doing something about this or just wait and see if it gets worse?

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  • Yes, get a blood test for herpes 2. You need to get checked for all of the other stds, too. You might have a couple.
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  • Sounds VERY much like Herpes...probably type 2. Do you ever have fever blisters on your mouth or in your mouth or ulcers or rough patches on your lips? Did you get oral from anyone who did...if you could tell? Getting herpes sounds bad, but really all it is some changes you will have to make from now on. Like when you have sores, cuts, or bumps...maybe even just pain (like in your kidneys or urinary tract..all from Herpes) ...either do not have sex til it is all over..HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!! Or wear a condom and let the person you are with know what they are risking. Remember to be caring towards who you are with. Getting herpes can be VERY painful, physically and mentally. But really it is no big deal. Nothing to get overly upset about it. You actually probably have had it for years and it is just now raising it's ugly head. Bad thing about Herpes is it comes back again and again and again...especially if you live a high stress life! Or if you enjoy tanning(and you get burned.) Or you start a hard work out...I get ulcers mouth and/or genitals everytime I push myself when it comes to working out. Don't scratch, pop the pimples(worst thing ever to do!) ..etc...Pretty much just let them take their course and relax!!! It usually takes about a week or two for them to go away. You might never have a out break again or like me and my husband...have them all the time but always in different spots...like one week I'll have an ulcer on my lip and it will heal just as I feel like I'm getting a UTI (herpes can bring this kind of pain, but it is not a UTI) then that will get better then I get a sore down there..etc...FUN...lots of fun! LOL but I just take it in stride as if it is just a part of my life now I need to live with and learn about it. I FREAKED when I found out it was Herpes type 2! I was soooooo depressed and felt soooo guilty for possibly giving it to my husband..I had an ulcer on my lip and gave oral and two days later he had severe flu like symptoms and about a hundred ulcers in his mouth, on his lips, and down his throat...It was rough!! Good thing though is once you get the very first outbreak the rest is pretty much a breeze. Maybe you will have to deal with one ulcer or a sore throat or sex being put off a day or two so your sores will get better. I hoped this helps you some
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