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Is this a seizure?

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  • Posted By: Kamily828
  • March 4, 2008
  • 03:10 PM

A couple nights ago my 11 year old daughter Mikaela was on the computer playing a game. My younger daughter Emily said Mikaela was making some weird breathing noises sort of like snoring. She looked up and saw Mikaela slump forward in the chair. It scared her. She yelled for Mikaela to wake up but she didnt. She woke her dad up and he yelled at her a couple times. Finally she jerked and came to then started crying. She said she didnt feel right and her head and stomach was hurting. He asked her what happened and she couldnt remember. She woke me up. I freaked out. I immediately called her pediatrician. She said to take her to the ER just to be on the safe side.
The ER doctor said she didnt think it was a seizure but more like a fainting spell. Im sorry...I dont agree with that diagnosis. They did a EKG on her heart and said it was fine. Then released her. She wanted us to follow up with our regular doctor and schedule a EEG on an outpatient basis. She isnt allowed to be unsupervised or play any video games until she has the EEG.
I took her to see the pediatrician yesterday. Her diagnosis........Mikaela simply fell asleep at the computer.
She said it wasnt a seizure because Mikaela didnt fall out of the chair when it happened, her body wasnt jerking, she wasnt laying on the floor when her dad found her and she hadnt peed on herself. Besides....the chair she was in is an office chair. It has arms on the sides. Its kinda hard to fall out of.
She still wants her to have the EEG "just in case".
My gut instinct is that its more than just a fainting spell or falling asleep.

This has never happened before.

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  • I'd trust your gut. You might want to make sure she is seen by a neurologist maybe even someone who specializes in epilepsy. Make sure you tell them about the episode occurring during video game playing, as bright flashing lights can trigger seizures. Perhaps they can do the EEG with similar stimuli to see if anything abnormal shows up. Of course, what you don't want is to have your daughter diagnosed with seizures if this isn't what's happening. And then you also don't want them undiagnosed if they are indeed seizures. I hope they can make an accurate diagnosis for you either way.Best Wishes
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  • Insist if you have too.. for your daughter to be seen by a neurologist. There are many different kinds of seizures. My friends daughter is a severe epileptic nowdays with regular grand mal seizures (she cant be left alone at all!) but it took many years for them to get her diagnosed. When a child as she used to have "mini seizures".. which are like when one just blanks out (without falling to floor or convulsing). Headaches will often occur after a seizure. Doctors are not Gods and unfortunately often are giving out bad advice outside their own fields.. trust your own instincts and get her seen by the right kind of doctor and have the right tests done. Im glad to hear that an EEG will be done.
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  • Thanks for all the info!
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  • I had a friend who lived in the same block on college who developed epilepsy during our time there - the first hints of it were 'space outs' where she just seemed to 'switch off' while sitting at a table or watching a movie. She then progressed to full blown seizures. Her situation was quite serious, and I'm not saying your daughter has epilepsy but I agree that you should investigate further if you are not satisfied with the dr's diagnosis...never hurts to get a 2nd opinion.
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  • What is your daughter's diet like? Does she skip meals? When was the last time that she ate or drank prior to this episode? How much water does she drink daily? Is she taking any medications currently? Does she drink caffeinated sodas?Has she started her menstrual cycle? If so is it normal, or does she have problems? Seizures are one of the more common side effects of meds, especially antibiotics...just want to mention this as doctors don't follow this connection. There could be blood sugar levels that are out of whack causing a hypoglycemic episode. This should be checked if it hasn't already. Bottom line - computer games can be horrid. Limit their use or just get rid of them all together. Best wishesDOM
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