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is there something seriously wrong with my kidney?

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  • Posted By: sarahlucy14
  • December 5, 2007
  • 11:10 AM

i'm female 19 yrs old, earlier this year in april i had a diagnostic laparoscopy on my womb to see if i had endometriosis, which i did have but as the surgeon removed it he cut the ureter from my left kidney, nothing was done about this for 3 days and i had to have a catheter in as the urine was just filling up in my body and i couldnt go to the toilet, i then had a urogram and it was discovered that on my left side i have a duplex kidney with two separate ureters going into my bladder, both had been cut, i then had to go through a second operation to repair the damage and had two stents in for 8 weeks, and a catherter in for 2 weeks after, my bladder had to be repositioned and i had to have a really big incision and an epidural in for 3 days. after the catheter was removed i had a really bad urine infection which didnt go away until after the stents were taken out, i've had a lot of pain over the past few months but everyone has told me its my body recovering, but this past month its got a lot worse i have constant flu like symptoms, ache in my lower back particuarly on the left side, i had an ultra sound on my kidney a few days ago and the radiographer told me its quite swollen, but obviously she cant go into details or tell me much about it, my next appointment with the urologist isn't till january. also i have had some blood tests and found out i am severly anemic, i have lost lots of weigh when i didnt really have much to lose anyway and i keep getting bruises on my legs that i cant explain. i feel so tired all the time, i've just had two weeks off work and feel no better, i feel like im slowly getting worse and that i'll never get better. i just want to get back to the confident happy girl i used to be. any comments or suggestions would be great, thank you.

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  • This sounds horrible. I'm so sorry. You should go into ER for the swollen kidney if the doctor can't/won't?? see you until January. I hope you changed doctors because you are going to sue him and the hospital that did this to you. After you feel better, find an ******e lawyer. You may need to take short term disability at work to recover. Seems like you have picked up infections in the hospital and that perhaps things are not working up to par. You may require more surgeries to patch things up. To answer your question, yes, something is very wrong with your kidneys and urinary tract, caused by the totally unrelated original surgery...
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • December 7, 2007
    • 07:27 AM
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  • Totally agree with Monsterlove. They should have your results by now & you should not have to wait until an appt in Jan to find out or at least ease your mind if nothing is seriously wrong (which I doubt) I would call the office & demand the Dr call you with results & let them know how sick you still are. I seriously HATE most Drs. Is he hiding out because of damage done to you? Reminds me of my Dr who demanded I get a uterine biopsy ASAP & was told I could not get it scheduled for 3 months even after calling back & telling them to ask my Dr if waiting 3 months was okay. They pretended to ask the Dr & came back & said "yeah, it should be okay to wait". Wonder how they would feel in our shoes. After my biopsy they told me to call for results in 1 week only to be told the Dr was on vacation & I could wait another week to find out if I had cancer. Bastards! Turns out I was cancer free but with a chronic pain condition I really did not need the extra stress. Do as Monsterlove says & go to ER if things continue. Maybe another opinion would not be a bad idea & they may get results out of your Dr before Jan. Hope you are well soon.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 17, 2007
    • 02:27 AM
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