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is there something seriously wrong with me?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 1, 2010
  • 08:02 AM

I've recently come back from 3 months in america where I didn't eat that great and didn't necessarily get enough sleep whilst I was there. While I was there I regularly got stomach cramps and either constipation or diarrhea which I put down to the unhealthy food I was eating and I also had a cough for around a week.

I thought I would feel much better when I got back and settled in but I've had one problem after another. I had impetigo when I got back which got treated with antibiotics but is now back two weeks later. I have had a reoccuring sore throat and stomach cramps and pains when I need to go to the toilet although generally my stools are normal. I also feel I have a chest infection and cold coming on. I've gradually started to get my appetite back as I lost lots of weight whilst away and couldn't get my appetite back at first. I've also had aches and pains abd all my bones have started cracking. I'm generally a bit of a hyperchondriac and these many problems are making me more and more stressed and anxious which in turn doesn't make me feel much better. I am currently arranging andother appointment with the doctor who checked my glands and abdomen when I was there just over a week ago but didn't run any tests.

Am I just making myself worse when I'm just run down and adapting back to normal or is it likely that there is some serious underlying cause? I'm generally usually healthy and come down with the odd cold or infection but nothing major but now I've convinced myself I have a serious deadly condition. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hello! I'm certainly familiar with the diet in America, I live here, lol. One of the biggest health problems we face is with our diet and digestive issues. The stomach problems may just be related to a different diet while you were here. One thing that really caught my eye was you said that you had impetigo, was treated, and it came back. Well, another big problem we're facing is the superbug, MRSA. My family and I have been battling it all summer, it's horrible!!! Not to get you upset and I'm certainly not sure if this causing all your other problems but our 29 year old sister in law died from this infection causing pneumonia. The 4 cases we've battled ourselves this summer only affected the skin, 3 cases started out looking like tiny spider bites, the other case started out as impetigo, all had to be lanced, drained, and one had to be packed. I had the infection in my throat which spread to my neck bones and shoulder joints and took 3 months to recover from several years ago. The infection requires very specific antibiotics! A culture of the infection MUST BE DONE to determine which few antibiotics will work. You have to hit this infection hard and fast to avoid it becoming resistant to treatment. Have your doctor do a culture on your impetigo, if it's MRSA and not treated properly, you could lose a limb or your life. It's very dangerous, very rampant, and doctors here are not testing, treating, or informing properly. No worries, just get the culture done on your impetigo, and get the correct antibiotics very soon. I used a good quality colloidal silver on gauze over the infected area and we also took it 3 times a day with the antibiotics. Worked wonders. I am autoimmune and I recovered from a very severe MRSA infection so please don't get yourself worked up and think that you're dying. Just get it taken care of! If it is MRSA, keep it covered with gauze until clear, it is highly contagious when infection is present and wash your hands with hot soapy water only. Do no use antibacterial soaps, it makes the MRSA stronger and does not kill it.
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    • October 1, 2010
    • 02:42 PM
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