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Is my baby ok?

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  • Posted By: melabugs
  • May 27, 2009
  • 08:49 AM

My 29 month old is 33in and 24lbs. She had a blockage and wasn't peeing in my womb and only had less than 1 wet diaper a day for the 1st 3 days. On the 3rd day she ran a fever and we took her to the hospital. She was cathered and the blockage was removed. Durring her 1st year she could not eat or drink anything but Nutramigen without having stool with black in it and having her poop get stuck half in and half out for hours. She would screem and screem untill someone would help her pass it. I would have to push on the skin that was around it softly until it would come out. In the next few days she would have lots of loose watery stool. This would happen every time even with something as small as 1 lick from a lolly pop. It concerned me but I was told it was nothing. So i didn't feed her anything but "her milk" until she was older than a year. Even then she still has black in almost all her stool and she can not have cows milk. She is only on goats. The doctors don't seem to be troubled at all. But she is so small she is just now fitting in size 18 months clothes. She is so much smaller than her sister and brother where at her age. They where around 36 in when they were 24 months. She is still comfortably in a size 2 diaper. I'm woried there is something more going on.

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  • Please excuse Blaze, this poster spams every thread.
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  • I have been changing baby diapers for over 20 years. What you are describing is not typical. In fact, I have not heard of that particular issue before. This does not necessarily mean it's something serious, but simply that it is not common and therefore probably should be looked into. I am not sure what your doctors believe to be the case, but let me tell you my experience with pediatric doctors:Unless it's life threatening, they don't want to do anything- as a rule. From personal experience and the experience of close friends and family, I can tell you that pediatricians are EXTREMELY reluctant to run tests on very young children and frequently believe parents to be exaggerating the situation. The majority of pediatricians seem to belong to a very strong "wait and see" club and will almost never do much testing prior to 2 or 3 years of age. They do have understandable reasons for this practice: unfortunately there are overly paranoid parents out there ruining things for rational parents with legitimate concerns and a majority of infant problems are outgrown. However, if you want something done, you are going to have to be your child's advocate. You're going to have to make up your mind to trust your instincts and not take "no" or "wait" for an answer. To give you an example: My 5 year old cousin has Crohn's Disease. He has had symptoms since birth, but for years his doctor's dismissed his mother's concerns as "new mom anxiety" and exaggeration. It took 4 years of pushing and not tolerating being ignored & dismissed to get a diagnosis. By no means am I suggesting your child has something this serious. I am simply illustrating the point that if you want an answer *you* are probably going to have to fight for it and possibly for a long time.
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  • Beyound her bowl problems, does she seem small. She is now 29 months and 33in and 24 lbs. Her siblings were 36 in when they where 24 months. And she's not speaking in more than 1 word phrases. She is still comfortably in a size 2 diapier.
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  • Well report me too blaze - because I agree with riskyd. There is a certain sort of automation, repetitiveness, and insidiousness to your posting patterns. Furthermore, you've never justified this mysterious mechanism (non-ionizing radiation causing almost anything) in any of your replies. Fortunately, I think most people you respond to realize what is going on and ignore you. I'm certainly open to the possibilities, which is why I've asked for specific evidence in response to several of your posts now. I was even the first one, I think, to post (and likely read) the Bioinitiative report.Kat07 may be right in the reason you don't have more information is that you've come off as a "new mother" to them. If you haven't gotten second opinions, then I would try too. It doesn't sound like she is getting worse, though - like whatever damage was done may have been during a previous developmental stage (so that if you keep taking good care of her, she should become a healthier baby, for example).
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  • Size is a very relative thing. Your pediatrician should be able to tell you what "percentile" she is in. My two children are VERY different in size. My oldest was/is in the 90th percentiles right from birth to the present (for everything from height, to head circumference to weight) while my second child, although born 3lbs larger than my first, skinnied out pretty quickly when he started cruising and has been smaller ever since. In fact, in about a 3 month span he dropped two percentiles in the weight measurement (even though he was still slowly gaining weight), but in every other regard was healthy so we kept an eye on him and he is now holding steady and doing just fine. Another family I know has four girls all of who are amazingly tiny- like their three year old is no larger than my 15mth old - but they are all healthy and fine. Every child is different. I wouldn't be concerned about her weight if everything else is fine and she is continuing to gain weight. If she loses weight without regaining it, or has other symptoms (such as digestion issues) then... as I said, you are there, you are her mom. You are the one who has to decide whether to push the issue or not, but if your gut is strongly telling you something is wrong (and there are logical things you can point to to justify that) then don't let them talk you out of pushing for answers. BTW - I watched a health show today where the girl had chronic diarrhea (8-12 liquid BMs per day) from birth through age 10 and for years her pediatrician kept telling her parents "wait & see" and "she'll grow out of it". Now, the situations where something is serious are rare, but it seems to me the attitude of "wait and see" is pervasive.
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  • She is in the lower than 5% range for both height and weight.
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  • My posts are not spam, and you've been reported. By the way, riskyd, I pulled this from the posting rules... Please ensure that your post is honest and respectful. Calling me a spammer shows disrespect, and I don't appreciate it. This forum is for users of all nationalities, not just Americans, and electrosensitivity is, I repeat IS a recognized condition in other countries such as Sweden.That is all well and good blaze, im fine if you report me.FYI, I am not American.Also you always seem to have whatever the op talks about, that is very interesting blaze, your symptoms are so broad and far reaching.I am so happy that you feel it is your mission to inform me or what my home country recognizes as a condition, but I also feel that maybe you yoursel could start ONE thread, explaining all of the dangers that electrosensitivity poses.also, I was honest in what I said, as I believe it to be true, and I stand by my original statement.
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  • Your daughter has some serious allergies I think. What is she eating - anything? Grains? Rice meal? Please post her daily intake and anything else she is eating other than goat's milk. What was your pregnancy like? How was your labor? Any other complications other than the blockage? Did you take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy? Did you breastfeed at all? I suggest trying to find a NONDAIRY liquid probiotic to help her. Or something like Goatein powder which you can mix in her milk. Has she had blood tests done at all? To check for anemia/B12/D? Has she had a stool test done to check for pathogens? How frequent are her bowel movements? Sorry for all the ?'s but if you could answer them it would be helpful. Best wishesDOM
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  • I have 3 little ones so I can't tell you step by step what she eats, but I can give you what she mostly eats.Mostly cereals, goats milk, apple juice, orange juice, when her brother and sister have yogurt she gets her "yogurt" which is fruit baby food, lots of fruits, veggies, breads, pastas, stuff like that. Yes, I took prenatal vitamins; in fact my doctor had me take 2 times the iron and 4 times the calcium because my blood work showed that I was still low with the prenatal vitamins. I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed, my body took her pregnancy too hard. They wanted me to recover. I had problems with all 3 of my pregnancies, and each time it got worse. With her my body was so stressed because of the pregnancy I would have many seizures during the day up to 30 or more. All of them went away after having her, I haven’t had any since. When she was born it looked like she was having seizures also, but when she was tested it came back that she wasn’t. Whatever was going on with her seemed to stop when she was about 7 months. When I said she wasn’t peeing in my womb, I meant that when it came the time for my amniotic fluid to be supplied from her pee it wasn’t. My fluid level didn’t increase much at all after that point.Blood tests and such have never been done because her doctor has never thought anything might be wrong. She has BMs 1-2 times a day. She doesn’t get the ones that are so hard I have to help her anymore, but they all still have what looks like black dots or specks in them.
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  • If she was born with a bowel blockage that would be called "meconium ileus". I would be concerned if she is not growing properly. You may need to find new doctors if you are not satisfied with your current ones. You might want to test for Hirschsprungs Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Celiacs Disease etc.... Maybe get a referal to a pediatric gastroenterologist.
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  • If your daughter is having those digestive problems in addition to being below the 5th percentile, I would DEFINITELY pursue the issue with your doctor and if he/she is unwilling to investigate the cause further, I would change doctors. I'm still not saying this is serious, but in my opinion this is something that needs investigating. If she were my daughter, I would want answers.Best wishes!-K
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