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is it just depression

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 1, 2009
  • 04:28 AM

i have had issues with depression for the past 3-4 years
and have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder
however, i have other symptoms that i am told are due to depression only, but i think something else might be going on
the most worrisome or annoying symptoms are listed first

1. excessive thirst, there is also polyuria, but i believe it's secondary to the polydipsia
2. continued, slow weight gain
i have steadily gained weight over the past 10 years, but have recently put on 15 pounds in the past 8 months, i eat 1200-2000 calories a day, and work out jogging everyday

3. intolerance to heat, anything above 23 celsius and i sweat profusely and feel uncomfortable, it arose suddenly about 3 years ago
i also get chills if i'm not moving

4. strange swelling nodes - a large node behind my ear appeared 5 months ago, it swells,becomes red and itchy for about 2 hours and is distinctly noticeable, it then shrinks to a quarter sized soft, illdefined blob,
i don't know what triggers the swelling
before the node behind my ear, i used to have a bump that would swell on my forehead the same way, it felt and appeared like a bug bite but was always in the same place and came every 7-14 days, with no apparent precipitating factors

4. IBS - diagnosed by gastroenterologist 7 years ago, by symptoms only
diarrhea and difficulty with large meals

5. sudden onset insomnia started 8 months ago (i am on sleeping pills), i have always had daytime fatigue and needed to nap during the day

6. thiamine deficiency and anemia (b12 and iron deficiencies) at different times, likely due to malnutrition

7. others - occasional and severe headaches, constant runny nose, , no issues with memory, concentration or

i am 27, 5'4, 200 lbs
i am on an antidepressant, but switched medication 2 months ago and none of the symptoms have eased, my bp was normal on my previous medication, but returned to 100/75 1 week after i changed medication
i have been tested for blood glucose and thyroid hormones every year or so, and have never been told anythings abnormal
i have no other diagnosed medical problems

please, please help
i understand if it is depression, but i want to make sure it's not something else

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  • As you have issues with things like IBS, running nose, heat intollerance, excessive thirst, swelling nodes.. Things which are not caused by depression, you may well have something else going on too. One thing you may want to look into to see if it could be that.. is chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome also called chronic fatigue syndrome. Those symptoms above along with your others can appear with it but it isnt really clear if this could be your issue or not. (sometimes it's easy to tell that a person has CFIDS, but in your case it isnt at all). Im not sure if you are bad enough to be a CFIDS case thou maybe you could have a minor case of it. check out http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html for a very good symptom list. Excessive thirst commonly occurs in CFIDS too thou it isnt on that list.
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  • there's some more hormonal/glandular-thyroid blood work that may show something...there's several more. You might want to try to locate a preventative medical doctor. I know a good one in Santa Barbara..which may be too far for you to travel.
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  • thanks for the tipsunfortunately toronto is a bit far away to travel fromas for chronic fatigue, i exercise almost everyday, so i thought that would rule it outand i didn`t have sudden onset fatigue, i have the same energy level i`ve had since i was a teenager
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