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Is it GERD or angina?

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  • Posted By: gun-powder
  • March 21, 2009
  • 02:31 PM

I am a male 53 years old I had CABG surgery in 2002. A month ago I had a problem of gas burbing during walking or doing any physical activity, considering that I had lifelong problems in colon I considered it normal. Six weeks ago after getting over the stairs several times I felt a terrible pressure & pain in the middle of my chest with gas burbing,pain in jaw & left shoulder , I went to ER they made an EKG they diagnosed the problem as esophageal contractions due to GRED and the pain relieved by taking ZINTAC as injection .
Since then every night I wake up in the middle of my sleeping with the same chest pressure, I went to ER again this time they told me that my EKG this time showed some disturbance and I took again ZINTAC the pain decreased a little after rest.
After that I had a MSCT coronary angiography the report showed the following:
For the three bypasses:
-Patent LIMA graft to mid LAD.
-No other patent grafts seen.
For the native arteries:
-Significant stenotic at the proximal & mid LAD segments and at the ostium of the 3rd diagonal branch.
-Total occlusion at the mid LCX and distal RCA segments.
It was strange that the other two bypasses didn’t appear.
Any way I went to my heart surgeon he told me that I have GERD and the heart is in a good condition as the main artery pass of LAD with LIMA is ok and it feeds 75% of the heart and the problems in my EKG are due to esophageal contractions is related to the heart so it is normal have pulse and heart disturbances he told me to continue my work and live my normal life.
At work I got tired felt like exhausted and with high heartbeats and the same rate chest pain I went to hospital I stayed there for a week with plenty of tests & EKG they told me that I have some problems in both heart & GERD but they can’t do me a catheter for my arteries and also the can’t make esophageal scope tests because that would harm my heart medical condition they asked me to have a 15 day vacation.
Since I got out of the hospital I have three cases:
I can’t do any outside home activity driving a car just going to the street I feel ascending middle chest pain, high heart beat rate, gas burbing, dry through & like I have swallowed a piece of metal .
Pressure in the chest and the back during bending or having a shower.
A severe chest pain that wakes me every night nearly at 3:00Am.
Knowing that:
-I don’t have any heartburn.
-I don’t feel sweating or short breath during these attacks.
- These pain attacks don’t mainly come with physical effort.
And also I follow the instructions well:
- I sleep nearly at sitting position
- I only eat vegetable soup & bread
- I am not a smoker & I don't drink
-I don’t eat spicy food.

I have been at home for a week till now my situation didn’t get any better, should i try to with stand the pain and try to do more physical effort knowing my case is GERD and stop worrying about my heart situation until I get better or that i am having angina and i have to stop doing any effort in my daily life .

Doctors have different opinions every where I go some say GERD & some say angina i don't know which one to believe.
What I am asking about now is:
According to the MSCT Is my heart situation fine?
Are my symptoms related to anginas or it is just GERD?
If it is GERD how long would it take to start showing enhancing with medication?

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