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Is it Celiac Disease?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 23, 2013
  • 00:09 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this so sorry for any newbie errors!

Over the past year I have been experiencing some symptoms that I believe to be caused by Celiac Disease (due to my own research). They have been as follows:

1.) Weight loss - Within the space of approx. 1 month I lost half a stone. Then about 2/3 months later I suddenly lost another half a stone. No matter what I ate I seemed to continue to lose weight. This has now stabilized and I am no longer losing weight, but still cannot put on weight.

2.) Constant hunger - I always seem to be hungry, despite the amount I eat. Even after eating a huge dinner, I usually still begin to get hungry 15 minutes later! However, very occasionally I feel the opposite - eating and remaining full, bloated and sore for hours.

3.) Headaches - I began getting bad pressurized headaches last Summer on the left side of my head. I went to the doctor, as I was in daily pain, and she prescribed me migrane medication that had no effect whatsoever on the headaches.

4.) Low iron count - I got blood tests done and it revealed I was low in folic acid/iron. However, upon taking supplements my iron count increased.

5.) Weakness - I have had times where I have literally been too weak to even lift my head. I almost fainted at work one day and felt as though I couldn't even stand.

6.) Sore bones - Most mornings upon waking up, my hip and rib bones are extremely sore. It feels as though I have been crushed by a train! I sometimes wake up during the night as I am in pain lying on my hips/ribs. My ribs often feel as though they are soft and broken in the mornings also.

7.) Bruising - I get chronic bruising. Even if I just gently hit off furniture I will get a big purple bruise the next day. I have also noticed that I sometimes have bruising underneath my skin (if that makes sense!). My legs often look purple underneath my skin on my shins and after having a shower I often get huge purple bruises underneath and around my knee caps that go away once I have dried.

8.) Constipation/stools - As icky as it is to talk about, I suffered a lot with constipation as a child. I often had to go to the doctor about it but he always told me to eat more fiber and never looked into it any further. During this year I have also noticed a fatty like substance in my stools when I am not constipated.

9.) Digestion - my stomach often feels as though it is going into spasms and I have recently began to experience a rotting feeling in my stomach. It feels as though my food has not digested and is just sitting in my stomach rotting.

10.) Inflammation in joints - I have also experienced inflammation in my knees. My knee caps have blown up to around twice the size the should be and feel cramped and sore. It last for a good few hours then goes away for months.

These are the symptoms I have been experiencing that seem to always lead back to Celiac Disease. A member of my family has had problems with certain types of foods, so I told my doctor I thought I might be Celiac and she ordered blood tests which came back normal I hadn't done the "gluten challenge" in the weeks running up to my blood test though, if that makes a difference to the result. I was convinced it was Celiac Disease and was all set to begin my new gluten-free lifestyle but now the doctor seems to have ruled that out. I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to what could be the problem. Thanks!

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