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Is it all in my mind?

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  • Posted By: Wild Dragon
  • June 8, 2009
  • 00:41 PM

Hey, I am 24 year old female. I don't drink, do drugs or drink alcohol, my job is fairly active in the sense that I have to move around a lot for its duration, but I work evenings and don't get home till about 10pm. I have always had bad sleep, I suffer from anxiety and a Hypochondriac. My diet is not awesome, and I don't eat very reguarly which I know I should as that can cause whatever is going on at the moment. I am seeing a councellor about my Anxiety, which can be very bad at times. I used to be Asthmatic, but grew out of it at the age of 14. I am deaf in my left ear, have Bilateral CDH on both hips though the left was fixed the right still needs doing. Polands syndrome of the right breast. I suffer from hay feaver often. Our family has a history of diabetes and cardiac problems. Now a few months ago I went off the pill as normal to start my usual cycle, I got very weak, tired and had dizzy spells. I felt extremely lethargic, and my head well it felt like when you get up quickly the blood rushing to the back of it, did that as well and nearly passed out in work, I was taken into A&E where I had 6 hours of tests to find out the cause and my BP and HR was all fine during this time, the Doctor said it was a viral infection. The doctor took me off for a week and I went in for a blood test to check out Thyroid, Blood count and other things that came back fine. I went back to work but had bad anxiety and was sent home, went to Doctors again for another blood test as he suspected Anemia. That also came back fine. I don't feel cold but when I move the toes on my feet I can feel how cold my other toes are, my legs and arms feel cold to the touch but I don't -Feel- cold in that way..if you understand. They don't change color, only sometimes when I lean on them funny obviously but the colour returns as soon as I move, my legs tingle and sometimes cramp. I sit at the computer a lot when I'm not working but I make a habit of moving them often. I have always looked pale, Mom said I have never really had rosey cheeks and all but people noticed when I was unwell that I was paler, though now they look a normal skin tone -- for me that is! And sometimes the top part of my leg below the hips..that mass of muscle feels numb and cold. I have had my blood pressure measured, the Doctor felt the pulse in my legs and checked my arms and said it was fine, I have a strong healthy heart (Which likes to palpitate and escalate my anxiety to new levels..yay!). He just said I was depressed, and should eat more reguarly, try to sleep more and do things that help make me feel better and less stressful. I went on holiday last week, I enjoyed it a lot! even though the weather was hot my arms and legs still felt cold, but they did warm up a few times! I shared a room with my friend whom snored so I had very little decent sleep all week, on the ride home my right leg cramped up badly and still hasn't gone away. I can deal with the anxiety as I know there is nothing seriously wrong with me but this coldness thing is worrying me, I have read other posts about it and most suggest cardiac problems -- but my heart is fine. I don't mind if you tell me its all in my mind, that's something I can deal with. I just want to know this coldness thing isn't anything too dangerous or something I should worry a lot about as, that can cause its own vicious circle -- which it's doing right now! haha. Thank you for reading, I hope I didn't write too much babble down.

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