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Is irritable bowel sydnrome an umbrella term?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 28, 2006
  • 11:30 PM

For one year, I have had chronic, debilitating GI symptoms. I have had diarrhea every morning that has a foul, almost amonia-like odor. My blood pressure has dropped to an average of 100/70,with a likelihood of 90/50 and I have chronic pain in one location of my abdomen. It is the left, middle area, and it is a stabbing, grabbing pain. I have high pitched bowel tones, but never a hard stool that indicates constipation. Sometimes whole peices of lettuce and other foods are in my stool. Sometimes, small amounts of blood. Sometimes I feel I have to go to the bathroom, but can't, and I think it might be because of the intraabdominal pain. Several docs have said it is IBS, although the symptoms change and each one hears different symptoms. None, however, seem concerned or give any advice about IBS. I honestly think something else is going on. Any clues?

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  • My daughter had sever abdominal pain. After 2 pediatric gastroenterologists gave up on her, I had a friend who told me about her boy who had the same symptoms. I gave her acidophilus milk. You can buy it at the grocery store, and myrrh (in pill form) and fenugreek. She had had the pain and GI problems for 7 months, and in 2 days the pain was gone, and 2 days later she was back in school. Myrrh is a healing herb that has been used, even in Bible times. Fenugreek is usually used to help nursing mothers, but it has an added effect of aiding the intestinal tract. The acidophilus milk helps restore balance to the bacteria in the intestines. The doctors couldn't believe she was better. I was surprised that with all of the upper GI and Lower GI tests, the MRI's and CT scans, that no one had an answer. They kept saying she was constipated...But when they did xrays, she wasn't! She was on Vicodin for the pain. She just laid there in pain for 7 months. I believe in medicine, but I also believe that God has put everything we need on this earth, and sometimes, the herbal route is the route to take. I was willing to try anything, and was thankful that these few herbs worked for her.
    harmony 1 Replies
    • October 31, 2006
    • 03:40 PM
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  • Sounds like non-specific IBS to me? Undigested food in your stools seem to be the giveaway? Provided any other colonic-related problems have been eliminated then get used to living with it I'm afraid (or, as the last reply showed, sometimes other treatments work?) Very often Lomotil is quite successful in treating IBS, though many MD's prefer not to risk a possible (low indeed) addiction to the drug? If the advice (herbal treatment?) already given doesn't help, then try Lomotil or any over-the-counter treatment for your problem (simple Loperamide Hydrochloride for instance?)
    WelshDoc 6 Replies
    • October 31, 2006
    • 08:01 PM
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  • IBS sufferer, I'm afraid that irritable bowel syndrome is what you might call an umbrella term. This diagnosis (a 'syndrome') describes a collection of symptoms rather than the underlying cause (since, in your case, it is as yet unknown).The proximal cause is generally some sort of disturbance of gut motility (moving food through too slowly or too quickly). But the ultimate cause... ? There is no one answer... there have been links made with hormonal, neurological (gut motility is controlled by the nervous system and hormones), and psychological (ie. stress) changes.If your illness is investigated further, you still might find the underlying cause. Testing for celiac disease, for example, requires blood tests and/or a duodenal biopsy. You should also be tested for colorectal cancer. Other causes include parasites, bacterial overgrowth, food allergies, many of which are not regularly tested for since testing isn't always covered by insurance.Since it sounds like your symptoms are quite severe, you might need to impress upon a doctor your willingness to do more aggressive testing. Bleeding is a more serious symptom that argues against the general IBS diagnosis. If you experience any symptoms while you sleep, this might also rule out IBS.To learn more about IBS, the article at wikipedia.org is actually quite comprehensive, and suggests many possible etiologies. Good luck.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • October 31, 2006
    • 08:18 PM
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