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  • Posted By: msullivan28
  • August 19, 2011
  • 07:49 PM

Hello, I am a 34 year old female in search of an answer. I have a laundry list of symptoms and diagnosis's from my MD. I'll categorize these by the diagnosis I was given for each group of symptoms.

Diagnosis: Bulging Disc, bony spurs and arthritis in my C7 vertebra.
symptoms: pain in my trapezoid muscles accompanied by painful knots and random, sporadic, sharp stabbing pain in the area where the trap meets the neck, about C5 level. In addition, I suffer from intense burning sensation in my cervical spine; at times it feels as if I have cold water running through it. Sometimes when this happens it feels like i am wet. My arm is getting more useless every day. When I reach for things above me I feel pain and when I drop my arm into its anatomical position, the throbbing pain greatly intensifies. I cannot sift through my closet without have to stop to recover from the pain caused. That’s all for that diagnosis, but there is more.. :)
Diagnosis: ADHD & Anxiety

Symptoms: I have a really hard time staying focused on most everything. I can’t seem to sit still, I am usually wondering around aimlessly trying to remember what it is that I was trying to do. It’s like my mind is changing stations’ constantly. I constantly loose things and I tend forget important appointments and deadlines. I have been taking adderal for the past 2 years for this. It does help but only a little. About six months ago I was diagnosed with high BP Sometimes like 148/110 but usually about 140/90. I have been taking hydrochlorthorizide for this. Last quarter I had what I was told was a panic attack and hyperventilation. I was under excessive stress, my heart started feeling like it was quivering and I felt like I couldn’t take a breath. Slowly I started to get a really tingly warm feeling. It went from my feet to my head the longer it went on, the harder the vibrations felt. It felt as if every nerve in my body was gyrating; especially strong in my extremities. It slowly paralyzed me. I lost movement in my legs, my torso and slowly moves from my fingertips to my shoulders. My hands were drawn. At first drew my 2nd and 3rd digits contracted stiffly posterior, at this point I had movement in my arms but not my hands. A few minutes later my entire body didn’t feel like mine, I could not control anything. My body looked as if I was in advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease. It felt like I had a metal bar in my palms. I had no control of any type of movement I seriously thought I would be dead before the squad got to the house. When they got there they put an oxygen mask on me and coached me on controlling my breathing. After about an hour, I started to get sensation back in my body. When I was somewhat back to normal the medics explained that I had hyperventilated due to a panic attack. I was very relieved that whatever it was gone, but somewhat skeptical about the paramedic’s explanation. A week later, again, my heart felt like it was wiggling and I had a hard time taking a breath, so I went the ER where they took an EKG. The test results said that my Q waves were indicative of a prior heart attack. They kept me for three days monitoring my heart. After I was released my family doctor referred me to have a stress test with an ultrasound. The test revealed that other than mild mitral valve regurgitation and a slight pulmonary regurgitation the test results were normal. Any ideas?

Diagnosis:Reynaud’s syndrome:
Treatment: amlodipine I have for 2 years been suffering extreme reactions to heat and cold. The heat seems to make my hands and feet easily become enflamed. I feel like my bone in my hand are on fire, this tends to last for a very long time. In addition, my hands, fingers and toes become numb and they turn white; when I apply pressure to the nails, there are no signs of circulation and no feeling. They look like that of a cadaver. I was released from the hospital in the above circumstances, and I went to work. Shortly after I got to work I had to leave. I could not stand straight a felt as If I was carrying a heavy bag the pulled me off balance every time I turned or leaned to the right. I literally almost hit the floor three times. When I got home, I lay down and my feet were completely white even the soles of my feet were colorless and numb. I went to my Dr the following morning and he diagnosed me with Reynaud’s phenomenon. He prescribed me amlodipine for my symptoms. my skin is constantly modeled and is covered in a flat white spotted rash (have had these symptoms for several years but, they have become worse)that seems to look more pronounced when I sit in one place for a while or when I am in the air conditioner. When I walk up the stairs, about 2minuts after I reach the top I buckle with pain. The pain radiates from my knees to my hips; it feels like my bones are throbbing.

Diagnosis: endometriosis.
Symptoms: 6 years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in an emergency surgery. Upon awakening, The Dr. informed me that he had to remove both of my tubes because of several cysts that I had. In addition he did a DNC. He said there were cysts inside of my uterus as well. Over the years I have always had crippling PMS. Each month I feel (localized to one side or the other) what feels like sharp stabbing, twisting pain. This usually occurs about a week before my cycle. I frequently have distention in my abdomen with cramps like pain that feels the most intense in the upper left quadrant. Two weeks ago, my mate and I had intercourse and following the act I felt like I was in labor. It felt exactly like contractions, and lasted well over an hour. I always have some sort of pain after intercourse, usually in the form of a random stab inside of my female parts, but this time it was way more extreme. Then about 4 days(have not had intercourse) I woke in the middle of the night in complete agony. I lay in the tub for three hours in intense pain. I felt as if I had to use the restroom and I couldn’t; finally, I was able to have a bowel movement, but only a little and it was liquid. I went to the gyno. And he said that I most likely have endometriosis.
Please, I know this a lot to consider, but I can’t help but think all of these could be related to one specific condition. I am only 35, I weigh 125lbs and I am 5’3” tall. I eat well and, I use to work out regularly, but because of my pain I haven’t worked out in more than10 weeks. I am not willing to accept that these conditions are not indicative of an underlying problem. Thanks for the consideration; hopelessly, Marcella

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