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irritated mouth, flu-like feeling

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  • Posted By: Kitchen
  • September 25, 2013
  • 09:55 PM

Around July 4 I got mild dizzy spells and a sore throat. I thought the two were unrelated and after a few weeks of neither one going away, I went to treat them separately. The neurologist said I had no problem with my brain and the GP said I had an infection and he prescribed an antibiotic. Over the next few weeks those symptoms seemed to "join up" into a flu-like illness (Fatigue, aches, etc( that would strike in waves at some point during each day, usually but not always in the afternoon. I always ran a low-grade fever most times this struck.

In addition to this, irritation and tingling on the roof of my mouth and tongue set in almost constantly. On top of all this there developed a strange creepy-crawly feeling that started in the back of my shoulder blade and sometimes goes down to my arm. Almost three months, three antibiotics, one steroid, and a whole host of tests later, I have no answers. The sore throat is mostly gone and I did have one period of two weeks during which the flu like part lifted. But the mouth thing and the back/arm thing persists and now the flu-like stuff is back too. Additionally I've had some numbness in my legs and one pinky and my stomach is frequently a little noisy. Loud sounds are now intolerable. Also I had one hangover during this period that lasted 48 hours and the first day of it I was **** near paralyzed. 

I'm not naive or stupid or uneducated. There is no way in **** that this is in my head or stress or all the other annoying things people say because they don't have answers. Who out there has had this? What insight do you have? It's been an unbelievable downer.

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  • Hi,Do you know what your Cortisol,potassium and calcium levels are?A few possibilities come to mind:A mitochondrial or metabolic disorder such as MELAS.HyperaldosteronemiaHypo or HyperkalemiaVirus related.Viruses can do unusual things.Eg:Guillain-Barre SyndromeVitamin deficiency such as b12 or niacin.This can cause tongue irritation plus nervous system problems....Can you explain the near paralysis in greater detail?
    rozellelily 21 Replies
    • October 16, 2013
    • 04:51 AM
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