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Irregular Periods: Ultrasound shows bilky ovaries..what could it be???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 12, 2007
  • 03:23 AM

I am 25 yrs old and married for 1 year. My periods have already been irregular, but now the seemed to trouble me a lot. My doc did my ultrasound and she found that both my ovaries are slightly bulky in size. Right ovary measures 33X29X25 mm(12ml) and left ovary measures 32X24X18 mm (7ml). Also stated is that multiple small follicles are seen in boht ovaries.
Rest uterus and urinary bladder are normal.
I am very worried about this...can someone explain what this could mean?

Also she told me take Femilon for 3 months. It has been just one day since i took the pill and i can see some spotting again. Could this be the side effect of the pill. What are the side effects of Femilon??

Please help someone...i'm very worried...will i be able to concive in future??


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  • check if you have an elevated testosterone. For PCOD or PCOS.
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  • I totally concur, that sounds like Polycystic Ovarian Disease. I had it when they didnt know much about it and suffered 3 miscarriages because of bad progesterone levels. If your doctor doesnt look into that, find a doctor that specializes in PCOD just to be sure if that is it or not. . You may also want to check the usenet forum for PCOS/PCOD for more information on what it all entails. Most commonly it involves carbohydrate addiction, low blood sugar, excessive body hair, and either irregular periods or none at all - plus a whole plethora of other symptoms that vary by individual. I would go years at a time without periods. I was put on Provera to try and kick start my periods and then when that didnt work, the doc just had me take it a few times a year to get a period. Do not get pregnant on any of these medications, they can cause birth defects. If your doc says NO PREGNANCY - he/she REALLY means it. You can concieve but first get this taken care of and your carbohydrate consumption under control so that you can have a healthy conception without miscarriages. It can be controlled by diet if you can behave and not cheat, and there is medication they give for it now. I did not have the benefit of what they know today when I wanted to have children. The funny thing is, if you go on a low carb diet, and I mean a VERY low carb diet, you will find that your periods start regularly and a lot of other symptoms will go away, especially if you are extremly overweight. I did not have the obesity problem but this is very common, to be very obese. I didn't have it only cause I learned very early eating one meal a day kept me stable and that is when I felt my best. If you dont tackle this NOW, you will end up like me, diabetic, starving, craving carbohydrates all the time, childless (although I am adopting an older child I have guardianship of). There is research being conducted that is suggesting that fungus/mold is responsible for all this. They may look at you funny, but just ask if you can be tested for Candida overgrowth. Email me if you have any questions, especially if you have this, I have been through everything you can imagine including ignorant doctors. Good luck!!!Anna
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  • Hi Anna,First of all Thanks a lot for your reply. I asked my doctor if this could be PCOD but she said that doesn’t seem to be, she told me to regularize my periods first by taking contraceptive pill (Femilon) for 3 months. Then she will further investigate. She also tested me for Thyroid...but fortunately it’s normal. Contradiction is that I am not at all obese but I’m a bit anemic. I have never missed my periods. My periodic cycle is that of 20 days, it is a short cycle and they last for 7-8 days, sometimes they are very heavy. I never have pain during these days. My doctor told me not to plan a family right now but at the same time she said that the problem is not too serious. I am totally confused. Can you please suggest me some carbohydrates free food? Everything I know contains carbohydrates.Of all the symptoms you have stated I only have irregular periods. I am now really getting scaredL. Also what worries me is that I don’t gain weight, neither do I loose, its just stagnant. I am a bit underweight. Hope i can find a way out.thanks
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  • It seems that many physicians use the term bulky ovaries when describing them to their patients although the word "bulky ovary" has not much clinical value.It usually means ovarian cysts that can cause delay in periods and cause spotting and a whole variety of other annoying symptoms. The purpose of birth control pills is to alter your hormone levels so the cyst will shrink. Birth control pills will reduce the probability of other cysts growing. You may not have PCOS but functional ovarian cysts. Birth control pills suppress ovulation and functional cysts do not grow without ovulation. The spotting you experienced could be from both cysts and starting bc pills.
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    • January 21, 2009
    • 00:30 PM
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