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Intense Bowel Pain NO DIAGNOSIS

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 2, 2006
  • 03:02 PM

For the last ten years or so I've had what I've come to call "attacks" of quick onset abdominal PAIN that is so intense I end up in the emergency room. I always have a feeling of needing to evacuate my bowels but, cannot do so for quite a while. There are abdominal spasms which are intense and rapid. These spasms are very strong. I have had with this bloody stools (eventually) sometimes this goes on for hours and hours. I am in a LOT of pain when this happens. I do have some very small diverticuli but, these only showed up on CT scan ( something difficult to get here) and I NEVER have a fever with these "attacks" sometimes the blood loss is "significant" and sometimes it's minimal but, all the other symptoms are the same.

I've heard that I should have a contrast MRI while this bleeding and pain is occuring but, that is also not available here. I usually do get colonoscopy a week or so after these attacks and I've had an ultra sound. It never shows anything and some of the doctors in emergency are now thinking there is NOTHING wrong with me even when clearly I DO have blood in my stool and the PAIN is real. However, there are some tests which as I said are not available here and some that I have never had at all. In fact one doctor told me that I did not have diverticular disease even after they did show up on a CT scan!

I am at my wits end with this. I never know when one of these "attacks" will come. They last for several hours or until I get something to calm my spasms and stop the stomach pain. I have NEVER had pain worse than this. Sometimes I get this once a year and sometimes it comes in a cluster of five or six times in several months. I feel shocky and weak, and nearly pass out from the pain, I have cold swearts with it and feel extremely faint, there is nausea as well. I would give ANYTHING to find out what causes this to happen. My blood pressure always is low when I first go into emerg with this so something IS defianately very wrong. I live in fear of this hitting when I am travelling. When it first hits I cannot move at all from the pain. It is somewhat relieved once I can finally evacuate my bowels a little but, it usually starts back up, and it feels as if there is some obstruction or something. I am in a small Canadian city and there isn't really any access to some of the tests that might diagnose this. It is frustrating and painful for me. And frustrating for the doctors too.

I have heard that if I am not tested while this bleeding and attack is occurring that later on nothing might show up. So how on earth will I find out what it is!

There is no evidence from what I'm told of chrons or colitis. This is NOT all in my mind, the bleeding, intense pain and spasms are there, yet when I go to emergency all I get is morphine and gravol. That does stop the pain and it's all that works. However, it only works till the next attack and then I'm right back in emergency. Shouldn't I have some different or more immediate tests?

HELP! I can't take this anymore. This last "attack" was worse and lasted longer than the others.

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  • I would suggest a test for celiac disease. I am a sufferer of celieac disease and used to site in the bathroom for hours just waiting for the abdomenal pain to pass. You might want to get tested for celiac or/and have an edoscopy.although if you are having blood in your stool then that is a sign of coltisis.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 6, 2006
    • 03:15 AM
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  • Request a stomach emptying test, I had pains like you say and had that test. I have gastrophorises which is paralysis of stomach muscles. Your system does not empty the way it should and is very painful to the point of dropping to your knees. It eventually made the gallbladder infected and that stopped working and had it removed. That helped with also watching what and how much I ate.
    terrylynn63 3 Replies
    • November 6, 2006
    • 06:06 AM
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