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Intense and unexplained foot pain

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  • Posted By: Taradactyl
  • June 22, 2007
  • 10:24 AM

Well I'm at a bit of a loss as to the cause of my foot pain, and so to are the doctors. I'm awaiting new x-rays and blood test results, but the doctor doesn't really seem to understand how painful it is.
A bit of background....I had a melanoma (was in radial growth stage) removed from my foot 10 years ago (when I was 18). I had pain for quite a few years associated with this foot, that was thought to be nerve damage from the surgery, but no tests gave hugely positive indications. Bone scans were warm, nothing on xray or ct scans. That pain just became apart of everyday life and now its not really noticable to me. Sometimes it bothers me but more often not. Recently, since moving to the UK, I've developed the most intense high pitched squealing pain in this same foot. It happens at random moments and is getting more frequent everyday. I haven't experienced pain like it before. It cause problems sleeping and wakes me up in the night and when it hits, its totally paralysing. The doctor really doesn't seem to get how painful it is. With my history with this foot, I am a little concerned. I've waiting for blood test results and an xray to come back. But I'm worried if they don't show up anything definitive I'm going to be pawned off as it being just some injury or seomthing. She told me last time to just go and take ibuprofen...but that doesn't even touch the sides of the pain. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on. I am getting a little concerned with its worsening intensity. Its starting to effect my life.
I'd be so grateful for any suggestions or help

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  • Which part of your foot is it and where was the melanoma removed? How long does the pain last when it strikes? When you say paralysing, I assume you don't really mean that but rather the pain is very intense. Is that correct? Is the pain relieved by rubbing or movement?
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  • Have you considered gout?
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  • I don't think gout is likely cause I don't have any swelling and the pain isn't really in the joints....but it is worth considering and looking into.As for the pain, its hard to pin point cause it kinda radiates but I think it starts up the top of the foot and travels down towards the metatarsal area. The melanoma was removed from the side of my foot near the arch. The pain can last anywhere from 30 secs to several minutes. The pain is just intense so my foot will often give way if I'm walking on it at the time.Its not relieved by rubbing it and movement does absolutely nothing to help me either.Thanks for your replies
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  • Is it a stress fracture? It will not show up on xray til it starts to heal.
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  • Ok the latest is that xray has come back normal, blood test show slightly elevated c-reactive protein @ 10 (normal range is 5).Doctors don't know and don't seem to care much. Told me I should come back in a month if the pain is still persisting. So kinda back to square one. I understand that c-reactive protein is a inflammation marker and its not hugely elevated, but I'm not recovering from a virus or cold. Could a stress fracture have occurred without an apparent injury.I've been referred to the melanoma clinic. Will take up the problem with them and see if they can help or at least rule some things out for meCheers
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  • Yes, I woke up with a stress fx. a week before aplanned trip to San Fran. I wore a boot a week, then switched to very sturdy athletic shoes for about 5 more weeks. No problems afterward. Good luck.
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  • Its unfortunate that this thread is so old but when I came across it, the symptoms described reminded me of what a friend of mine described before finding out she has complex regional pain syndrome.
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  • I have a similar problem. I have never had anything wrong with my foot (other than this). The pain is at the bottom of my foot in between the heel and toes. It is very intense. This usually happens when i sit indian style on it but also sometimes happens when I am lying down. It becomes much worse if I try to poke or work or even touch near the area of pain. I don't know what it could be and have not gone to the doctor with it yet. I have no other chronic conditions and the only other pain I have is in my shoulder and lower back. No help at all but just wanted to share.
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    • November 17, 2009
    • 04:05 AM
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