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Insane rash/ sores

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  • Posted By: Leanne8
  • May 13, 2007
  • 10:49 PM

Hey everyone. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully this isn't too long to read.

Anyways, I woke up the other morning feeling really sluggish, sort of a sore stomach, and really achy. I was extremely lethargic and I slept for basically 18 hours straight. I realized I had a big mark on my shoulder and I thought perhaps I got bit by a spider or something. So, the other morning I woke up and I had tons of sores all over my scalp. They're pretty painful, especially once shampoo hits them. So, the next day I woke up and realized I had a rash all over the top of my back, on my chest, and all over my stomach. I also noticed I have a large lump behind my ear that is hard, but when touched kind of painful. I noticed it hurt behind my other ear also, but no big lump. Swollen lymp node perhaps? Plus, I have a large lump in my neck as well so I was assuming it was a swollen lymp node. But, it gets better. My mouth is absolutely full of canker sores..so many it hurts to swallow. There is one right on the top of the roof of my mouth at the back that is small, round and white.

I went to the emergency Friday because this isn't right at all. I gave the nurse all of my information and then I saw the doctor. He came in, looked at a small portion of my rash and says, "Oh, must be a viral infectoin. If you get a fever come back and see us" and his **s was out the door before I could even think of the questions I wanted to ask him. Like, when will this go away? Is there any way for me to treat this better? But, he was in and out of there so fast I completely forgot/ had no time to ask him.

So, I woke up yesterday to find my face absolutely covered in red bumps. It basically looks like I have the chicken pox (which I've never had before, I'm 24) but, I don't have that. I went to another doctor to see if he knew what was causing this but he had no idea what it was or how I got it. I'm going insane. My face is hideous, my scalp is still on fire with big, red, dry sores, and it hurts to swallow because of the sores in my mouth. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before so I'm clueless. Anyone think aspartame could do this? I never ever drink the stuff, never have in my life, but I started consuming Crystal Light a couple weeks back. I'm out of ideas and stumped, but I would like to know because I'm going insane.

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