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Inncorrect diagnosis for over 7 yeards....No longer can handle all of the symptoms.

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  • Posted By: keishainu
  • December 20, 2011
  • 05:25 PM

I need help quickly, have been live with either undiagnoises or incorrect diagnosis for 7 years...the symptoms are growing harder to control and are outragious. I will kill myself before I endure one more year. The medical assistance is a JOKE! No one is willing to work together to solves the problem. Thousands of dolllars have been spent, excuse me....WASTED, both personally and by the insurance co. With great sarcasim, the latest medicine "women" took all of my reports from the Cleveland Clinic, turned them over on her desk and told me ..."as of today you do not have a mass in your abdomen"...."as of today you do not have a Pheo". " The only thing wrong with you is out of balance female hormones.".....I rolled my eyes and she stormed out of the office while throwing at me...."I am a person of respect...rolling of one's eyes is not acceptable" So, every day, I sweat profusely, going through at least three baths/showers and clothes changes. My BP will shoot up to 245/120 then crash, I have passed out in public three times and have been in the ER too many times to count. Please help.......I am giving someone until my birthday 6/8/12 to help ...if not my present to myself will be to STOP all systems and get the **** out of here.

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  • Getting medical folks mad at you is not helping. :eek: Have you seen an endocrinologist? you and the doctors are a team to getting you better health. Good Luck
    goospanish 2 Replies
    • January 1, 2012
    • 05:38 AM
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  • I understand you are very sick and tired. I have my own conditions but I don't have something as disabling as yourself.If you have had this for 7 years and they have been focused on a pheo you must have seen the literature on pheos. While wikipedia is not the most accurate website, the article on pheochromocytoma seems to agree with everything else I read.I had an MIBG scan when two 24-hour urine tests showed the metabolites of catecholamines and noradrenaline, but the scan was negative. It's pricey too, and not many places have the nuclear medicine scintillography equipment to offer the test. They say the plasma test is more accurate.I have trouble seeing how female hormones could cause the kind of blood pressure spikes you are seeing. The pheo is an obvious place to look although they are rare - thus the "5%" name.I would urge you to get another endocrinologist if you don't trust the doctor you mentioned. The problem with the pheo is that it does not "fire" on a regular basis. If you look at the wikipedia article it mentions other disgnostic tests than the MIBG scan, since they are costly. Usually they are given at the end of other tests but they are they are considered the gold standard.The article also mentions other medical conditions that can mimic a pheo. Don't give up.
    IREILLY 1 Replies
    • January 3, 2012
    • 05:38 AM
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