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  • Posted By: FehFeh
  • March 26, 2011
  • 08:50 AM

For the last 7 years blood test results have always shown Inhaled Allergens, doc always said hayfever or the Blepharitis i had constantly had.

Always would be something wrong with me almost like my immune sys had had it , Symptoms that are ongoing with me are:

Psoriasis - which has recently spread
Vaginal Discharge - Always just been there
Swollen Tonsils (2 years that havent gone down)
Gas / Bloating
abdominal Pain / feel the movement of the stomach noises
Fatigue constantly / sometimes feeling weak
OCD - stress making it worse (not on any meds for this cond)
Coughing Phlegm for the last 4 months / to the point of chocking
Always feeling cold
Hayfever or jus flu like symptoms
Stringy Sleep discharge - all day eye irritation to the point where i have to pull it out of my eyes
Back / Joint Pain / also sometimes get a stitch feeling under the boobs

My diet is pretty Poor - My Blood results have always shown normal though (besides from the Inhaled Allergens Result on every test i have done)
I have done all the Tests - X-Ray on Lungs , blood tests / glandular fev etc, swabs / samples etc - one of my recent blood tests had something where not enough oxygen in blood ? (cant remember exact name) but not enough for my Doc to say anything

Literally got to the point with my phlegm - coughing/chocking and tonsils / stringy eye discharge / Fatigue / Constipation that the doc said theres no more medicine left to try. . He thought about Steroid Injections to bOOst my immune sys however as this has side affects i would most likely get them lol

He sent me for a Skin ****k Test - Results were:
Environmental Allergies - All types of Grass - Dog dander + Cats
( Ill soon be starting a desensitisation over the next 3 years for that)
Food Allergies to - Peanuts , Wheat , Flour , Soy , Strong also for Corn

i have A Lung Function test coming up , all 4 test such as Gas transfer / Asthma check + Broncoprovacation (dunno how to spell)

Docs referring me to a Dietician as i don't eat Meat, and as my diets pretty poor ive never though i had Food Allergies? .. so its gonna be hard to jus change. defiantly mainly eat Pasta and bReads

Ive always had a lil bit more than norm Discharge but My vag Discharge the last 2 weeks has been excessive to say the most - tests for PH were out of wack
Swab test came back with Candida Albicans - his jus prescribed me Tinidazole - No STDs/ Thrush or Anything Result was jus Candida Albicans

in saying on this - going through the whole desensitisation process + changing my diet, Doc aint sure if this will all fix my Cough / Phlem / Tonsils etc problem but its a good way to start.
Mind You ive never been contagious - giving no symptoms to anyone

i recently tried to search my symptoms and came accross
systemic candidiasis (CRC ) Candida Related Complex
ive done a questionnaire and have a severe result , as its not main stream and docs are very black and white over it ive had to ask my doc to look into it.
i mean i spose its bad to self diagnose but i jus have a gut feeling that CRC is it, especially as theres no test for it and i have every Symptom for CRC -I actually only found CRC by a post on this website under coughing for 2 months - where a member posted about a site called WholeApproach

i mean i have taken Soooooo many antibiotics/ medications to cancel out whatever i had - And nothing worked - and waste of money and time /

im 27/Female weigh about 47Kg / on Yasmin Pill / About to go to a dietician for the Food allergies and want to start getting healthy / and if its CRC at least then i can tell the Dietician and go from there or should i be referred to another specialist?

Sorry about the long essay about me
hope someone can help x

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