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Inguinal hernia

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  • Posted By: asbrahim
  • March 22, 2009
  • 04:17 PM

I've had an inguinal hernia for probably the past 10 or 11 years (half my life). When I was a kid I was embarrassed to bring it up so I never mentioned it to my parents. It didn't bother me except for the occasional time I'd do heavy lifting and would experience a couple hours of cramping pain down there. Throughout the years I've received many physicals and not once has a doctor pointed it out. They always performed the turn and cough test on me but never mentioned the hernia, and let me tell you, it's very noticeable. I just figured it was no big deal. Lately I've noticed more pain around the area and have noticed it getting stuck and causing me sever cramping pains in the groin area. I went to see a doctor about it and he told me to schedule an appointment with a surgeon to have it repaired, but said it wasn't too dire I get it right away. The other day, I experienced another bout of severe pain in the area. It felt as though it was stuck. This pain lasted a couple of hours and I decided to go to the emergency room. I waited another 2 hours to be seen and by the time I was seen the pain was gone and the hernia became unstuck. This time I noticed something different. The hernia was much stiffer and and did not descend as far as it usually does. It seemed to still be somewhat stuck. The doctor said that he got it to reduce and that nothing was wrong and scheduled me to see a surgeon to have it repaired. It's been three days since then and I've noticed very weird things. The hernia has completely reduced into my abdomen and I can no longer see it or feel it at all. This has never happened the entire time I've had it. I've also noticed a dull ache in my lower abdomen where the hernia usually reduces to. I have also been unable to produce a bowel movement for three days now. The doctor said to only worry if the hernia became incarcerated again and if I began to feel nauseous and begin to vomit. I am still a little worried about what is going on. I've heard you can get gangrene from a strangulated hernia. I am fairly positive my hernia has become strangulated a number of times I've had it but have just passed it off as a severe stomach ache because I haven't been nauseous or vomited when this occurs and after a couple of hours the pain subsides and returns to normal. I am just afraid that I have done damage to my intestines by not having this fixed sooner. What are signs that something is wrong in my intestine? Is it normal to feel severe pain from time time with an inguinal hernia without it becoming strangulated? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Have you tried taking a mild laxative? The no-stool for 3 days would be concerning to me. If you don't poop by tomorrow, I would definitely go back to the doc. What are signs that something is wrong in my intestine? Is it normal to feel severe pain from time time with an inguinal hernia without it becoming strangulated?Not being able to go to the bathroom can be a sign something is wrong in your intestine. It could also be normal constipation, but with your history, I sure wouldn't ignore it. Not everyone gets nauseated with a hernia.....this pain and constipation could be 'your' symptom. It is normal to feel pain with a hernia.....but your problems with this seem to be increasing and the pain seems to be severe. Why haven't you had the surgery yet, what's stopping you from having it?
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  • strangulated hernia ... as a rule are life threatening emergency ... surgical emergency.. features are nausea and vomiting, severe pain, tenderness, redness around the hernia and non-reducibilitly. i dont think your hernia has ever been strangulated in childhood... incarcerated hernia .. is one degree less.. wid no tenderness and inflammation around the hernia... judging from your symptoms.. i wud ask u the following 1. IS YOUR PAIN colicky or continous ? u might have suffered an intestinal obstruction secondary to reduction of inguinal hernia.. mind u .. if the hernia is not reduced properly .. this is very likely to happen 2. CONSTIPATION may be secondary to your pain.... is your pain dat much severe.. tell me more bout the grade in a scale of 1-10. 3. THINK about an incarcerated hernia.. which is causing your constipation.. as some segment of your intestine has herniated into the hernia sac.. leading to absolute constipation ... 4. Go to the doc... never risk A HERNIA WID PAIN AND ABSOLUTE CONSTIPATION
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  • I agree with jukuter.
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