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info about endoscopy?

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  • Posted By: Waiflet
  • June 28, 2007
  • 02:57 PM

Hi Guys,
After much waiting, I'm finally having a colonoscopy and an endoscopy tomorrow. Currently drinking the not-so-nice laxative preparations. Can anyone tell me, who's had one, what was the most unpleasant part of it? Also could you tell me, does it make you vomit? During or after?

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  • What.. is everybody having it done right now? LOL I had my 1st endoscopy last week, and now tomorrow I have my colonoscopy. I have to start the prep at 5pm. :( From what I hear, as long as you're sedated, the procedure itself isn't bad at all. It's the prep that's worse. I have enough stomach issues, that frankly the thought of doing this prep is giving me nightmares. LOL
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  • Thanks Sylvie! But you didn't vomit during your endoscopy last week? Did you gag?!
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  • They numb your throat, I believe. Plus I was "asleep", so I didn't feel anything. I never threw up that I know of.. certainly not when I was awake. I felt fine afterward- no pain at all. :)
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  • Don't worry about vomiting. You're not allowed to eat or drink, so there's nothing in your stomach to vomit up. Besides, the nurses and techs for procedures like these are usually very understanding and do their best to keep you calm and comfortable. Waking up is a little different though. They may get a bit firm with you to make sure you wake up all the way. Some people get a sore throat from the endoscope, but I did not. If you are sedated, you won't remember anything more than a fleeting image or two. I had to have my endoscopy without sedation. If anyone wants to know what happens during the procedure, I can post a description. Sedation is preferable:)
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  • I've had both. Not pleasant. The worse part is sitting on the pot for hours. When the tests come back normal and they don't know what else to do, have them seriously consider CFS. Doctors are realizing it is real and many people have it. Have you ever had mono? when was your last vaccine?I wish you the best...mommy cat
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  • This is for anyone who is having a colonoscopy in the future. Say your test is Friday...Tues., stop solid foods and drink "full liquids"...pureed soups, shakes, juices etc...Wed., drink only clear liquids until they order you to stop eating and start purging. The laxatives will clean you out, but it is a MUCH milder reaction than if you eat right up to the day before. I've had laxative preps that were so harsh, I've wondered how little old people can survive them. Also, a little vaseline before you "go" will protect tender tissues. Usually they will give you demerol and fentanyl in an IV in your hand. You will just drift in and out. Bring someone who will listen when your doc tells you what they found (when you are in the recovery area), because you are sure to forget it. Don't go to McDonalds afterwards. Reverse the above diet, within about 8 hours, as you don't want to have cramps.
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  • Just back from my colonoscopy. You're supposed to stop certain meds (and things like iron supplements) at least 5 days before.. and no anti-inflammatories like aspirin. For me, I had to do a "clear diet" the day before- no solid food. The only solid thing I could have was jello. Starting at 5pm, I began the 4-liter drink (I chose the pineapple flavor pack). It took me five hours to get through it. :eek: After that, I had to take 4, 10mg pills of Dulcolax. To be honest, all of the going to the bathroom is NOTHING compared to that darn drink.. hideous at best. It's a bit thicker than milk, somewhat salty.. flavoring and being cold helps a bit, but not much. Just chug it down and try not to think about it. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. This morning, I went into the OR at 8:12, and my husband came and got me about 45-60 minutes later. I did not wake up one bit, and nobody forced me to wake up that I remember. (They didn't seem to do that with the endoscopy, either. I woke up to the sound of a voice, and that was it). I never once woke up during either procedure, which is perfectly fine by me!! You might have some gas pains because they put air into your colon, but my "backside" doesn't hurt in the least. And I haven't been doubled over from any gas pains, either. Just let it all come out and you'll feel better. :)
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  • The prep formerly was a clearish liquid in a gallon container. Someone said it tasted like sweat-ade. Ick
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  • Hi Guys, Thanks for all your replies.Came back from the endoscope and colonoscopy yesterday morning and been sleeping since then. No vomiting, or much pain either. I don't remember a thing, I just woke up in the recovery room an hour later. Doc says everything looks "normal" which is a disappointment, because I WANT something in order to get a diagnosis. I am not "normal" if I feel so bad everyday. Since the sedative, I've been sleeping all day today (the endoscopy was yesterday) and my head is heavy. I'm just completely exhausted. Is this a side effect of the sedative which will wear off, or does this indicate I probably have something akin to CFS if a moderate sedative for two hours knocks me out for two days? Oh here I go again, being drastic...
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  • Dear Waiflet...you are not being drastic. I went through the same tests and had the same "disaapointment" as you felt when they said that everything was normal. We want there to be something wrong...we want to find it, so we can fix it. When even the docs say..."Gee, I don't know"...it is disheartning.Please read the thread titled "The Truth About CFS"I lived the same story that you and hundreds in this forum are telling.So many are having the same or similar symptomsI was tooI have CFSI've had the same tests...normalIt woould explain all of your symptoms and why you feel so bad.I know the feelingjust trying to help...mommy cat:)
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  • If you had Demerol and Fentanyl, these are not moderate medications. Drinks lots of water to flush the meds away. Sleepy for a couple of days is normal.
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  • Sorry you ended up so drowsy.They never told me what they gave me, but I wasn't sleepy at all.. the anesthesiologist told me they gave me something which would flush out of my system quickly... same for both the scope and colonoscopy. Only it took me a bit longer to get rid of the wierd feeling like I couldn't see clearly, with the colonoscopy. But I wasn't tired at all. Actually I was cleaning for part of the afternoon.
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  • I had my first endoscopy/colonoscopy the end of April and will be having a second colonoscopy on 30 July. The procedures themselves are not painful. However, the preparation for them are a real pain the butt!If you can get through the prep, you have it made. Good Luck!
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