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Inflammed Sore Forearms & Calves

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  • Posted By: Green84
  • April 7, 2011
  • 10:30 AM

Hello everyone. I'm searching for anyone who can give me a lead. I've been experiencing the below symptoms, but with no luck on a diagnosis from my internal medicine doctor:

Late December: Started feeling "broken down" in the evenings, almost feverish. Noticed my legs were inflammed (not 'edema', but still swollen) when I came back from an evening dinner with friends. Swelling receded the following day with elevation. No associated pain, bug bites, unusual food allergies, supplements, injuries, etc. Mystery inflammation.

Saw a doctor who ran blood tests and ruled out DVT, kidney problems, heart problems, circulatory problems. Did notice a hight eosinophil count in my blood-- indicated some type of allergy. Took several stool samples and more bloodwork to investigate possible parasitic infection. Leg inflammation ('swelling') continues on-and-off; not severe enough to cause pain, altered sensation or to stop exercise/physical activity. Started to notice an unusual and persistant soreness in my calves at this point. Felt like the muscles were always tight and sore, and they would mildly 'cramp' when I jump/leap/run, but loosen during physical activity.

By mid-January: Stool samples returned negative GI parasite results. Blood work showed continual elevation of eosinophil bloodcells. Night sweats and feverish feeling ensued after each episode of physical activity outdoors in cold weather (skiing, hiking in mountains, running for several miles outside). No weight loss, no swollen lymph nodes.

Late January: Notice inflammation in my arms (again, not 'edema'). Can't fit my metal-banded wrist watch on anymore. Now saw a doctor at internal medicine.

Took 9 more blood tests, urine test, another stool sample, chest x-rays to look for masses, and a skin biopsy (down to the subcutaneous fat). Blood tested negative for HIV, no unusual blood cells (cancer), no masses in chest, no swollen lymph nodes, negative results for auto-immune disease (2 tests). Inflammation markers indicated that I have an inflammatory reaction, but not on-par with cancer. Eoceniphil count continues to remain high. Skin biopsy tested negative for parasitic infection, but I am taking a course of Albendazole in the event that the tests missed something. Subcutaneous fat from the arm biopsy showed a 'mix' of many cells causing inflammation, but not an excess of any one type (which would point toward cancer). Neither was there a higher concentration of cells closer to the blood vessels (which would indicate a hematological cancer). My blood tests confirm no abnormal cells in the blood.

My arms have a cellulite-like appearance when i elevate them above my heart. The viens also collapse in (looks creepy) when I do this as well. Have a consistent soreness in the forearm muscles, though the bicep and joints are unaffected.

Lately I have felt strong, good energy, no more night sweats/fevers for serveral weeks. I have never had a rash, allergic reaction, or lost any weight. The only consistent symptom is high eosinophil count.

Has anyone out there experienced anything like this?

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  • My husband was working outside for the weekend and when he went back to work his calves and forearms remained tight and sore - as if he overworked his muscles and they wouldn't "let go" and relax. They put him on naproxin and it helped for 10 days and then he took nothing, but the cramping was now turning into swelling, and got progressively worse and the joints became enveloped by the swelling and puffy as well - like it started in the middle of the calf and forearm on both sides of his body and slowly the swelling radiated up to just above his elbow and all the way down his fingers and from just above his knees to his feet. They put him on prednisone for 10 days and everything went back to normal. They are saying he has RA, but he didn't describe any of it as joint pain - just pressure on the joints from the swelling. He has been off everything for about a week now and the swelling hasn't returned and he is only reporting stiffness for less than an hour in the morning in his hands, they want to put him on methotrexate right away and im still not sure it's even RA. Has anyone else had a similar experience and accurate diagnosis?
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