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Incredibly annoyed at silly things

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 4, 2010
  • 08:04 PM

I'm currently trying to do some research into the issue I'm facing. For years on end, I cannot stand certain noises or traits in people. Certain noises in some situations will annoy me to the point that I feel angry, upset, and even verging on wanting to lash out (not particularly at the individual). The noise makes my heart skip a beat and my brain will focus on listening for the sound again, which, as you can imagine, gets me even more annoyed. The feelings are so intense and overwhelming that I literally cannot help but get angry no matter how hard I try and calm down. It seems only to occur with friends and family who I'm close to. Strangers doing these 'annoying sounds' or traits do not really set me off. I get this strange sense that I'm being trespassed upon or that somehow they're trying to annoy me on purpose, even though I know that they're not.

I'm a 21 year old law student, and I have a good social life at University, but I would say that I enjoy my own company too. I like peace and quiet and it seems when this is violated that I get annoyed. It's selfish and I hate myself for being like this, but I physically cannot help but get annoyed. Examples: I'm currently sitting on my bed on my laptop with earphones blasting music in order to drown out the sound of my Dad's deep voice through the floorboard. To my mind, all it sounds like is 'bassy' incoherent noise and drives me crazy; When I stay at my parents' house, I need to constantly have a fan on the highest setting to drown out any sounds, such as my Dad snoring in my parents' room; The sound of my Mum's heels on the wooden floor when she comes in from work sets me off; The way some of my friends 'smack' their food; The way some of my friends repetitively 'shake' their legs when in class; The way my Mum sneezes. All of these sounds make my heart skip a beat when I hear them, get me unnecessarily angry and I just want to drown it out with music or just go somewhere quiet.

They're just a few examples. I first noticed this when I was a teenager and thought that I'd eventually grow out of it, but I'm just as bad as I was when I was younger.

I know all of this sounds rather juvenile and the obvious answer would be to stop getting so worked up over nothing, but it stems further than just simple annoyance. Something is triggered in my head and it literally takes over me and it drives me insane. I'm sick of having to wear headphones when I'm at home, as I have a really good relationship with my parents and I feel incredibly guilty and selfish.

I'm going to consult a Doctor about the symptoms ASAP as I've had enough, but I'm interested in anyone else with the same issue and whether anyone has advice or diagnosis possibilities.


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  • Try some internet searches on "misophonia". I don't know much about it, but I did encounter the term when I was learning about my hyperacusis. I think it is what you describe. From a completely uneducated and non-expert point of view it seems like there must be some way to convince your involuntary brain that these sounds are OK and so it need not send out danger signals about them. That turned out to be the solution for my hyperacusis, although perhaps the two conditions aren't related enough to have a common solution. But be careful about blasting those headphones! The inner ear is more fragile than you might imagine. Athough there are many "backup" cells which can take over after damage (giving people the illusion that the ears have "repaired" themselves), after a certain number of damages there are no more backup cells left to take over. So don't use up all your "backups" while you're still young! Try wearing earplugs under the headphones. That way you can drown out the sounds without unnecessarily damaging your hearing. Of course, in the long term you want to be able to tolerate those sounds that annoy you, but no need to wreck your hearing in the meantime!
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    • December 4, 2010
    • 09:36 PM
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