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  • Posted By: dmasm1
  • April 11, 2007
  • 06:16 PM

I have been living with pain for the last several years and no one has been able to diagnose.
my symptoms are:

pain and numbness in upper thighs
pain in shoulders
profound loss of dexterity in both hands

I have been to many Doctors, Rheumatologists, Orthopedics, Neurologists, Chiropracters, etc

many tests have been done

My condition continues to get worse. Last night I sneezed while driving home and the pain in my shoulders was excruciating and both arms paralized for a few seconds.

If anyone has any info on possible causes please let me know.

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  • -Sorry for your pain. This is why the healing fields should be more familiar with one another. Please go online and look up HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES. Then go into the Materia Medica and look up the remedy HYPERICUM. Scroll down and see all the things that it is used for. A patient of mine (massage) recently took it for shoulder pain and tingling in the hands. It was very helpful!!! Homeopathics are relatively inexpensive and very accurate to a persons "dysfunction" . Let us know how you do!! ~~
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  • Did you have any CT scans of your brain? Was everything normal? I'd be more helpful if you'd list the tests you've had so we know what to rule out.
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  • Let me guess, the neurologist did the MRI but didnt do it with contrast? Any neurologist that doesnt do the spine and brain MRI with and without contrast should be taken out and shot when these symptoms are present. It could be multiple sclerosis. Get the spine AND brain scanned. Without contrast it wont show up on an MRI. That is how mine was missed for MANY freaking years. Anna
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  • I have had an MRI but of lower back only. Several nerve function tests, (EMG). Blood work done many times and many X-rays. I dont think my doctors are understanding all of the problems that i have been having. Every time I have a "flare-up" they do the same tests over and over, to no avail. I have another appointment tomorrow and I would appreciate any suggestions on questions that I should ask.
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  • Well, no matter what, when you have "tingling" it is a classic MS sign. It is also a sign of diabetic neuropathy, which I am thinking from what you said, that it isn't diabetes. Make sure that your doctors all know exactly the same thing. If you have MS and are undiagnosed, one of the common problems is memory. Write down everything that you remember happening recently and then make a list of all things that have ever happened. My doctor doesnt think that people with MS have pain. In fact, statistics say 20% do. I have had pain my whole life and now have such a high pain tolerance that it would be a problem if I had a serious pain that was a symptom of something bad happening. Anyway, just be on guard for that attitude about the pain. I had the same thing happen with the shoulder pain that you had. I dont know how it happens but my guess is that is from the pressure of a sneeze in combination with an MS lesion in the spine. Ask your doctor for an MRI with and without contrast to rule out MS. They cannot do a diagnosis without that anyway. Your symptoms are enough criteria to order the MRI and if he/she doesnt think so, they need to go back to school. With contrast, any lesion will show up bright white. Without it, it will come up normal. The only thing my MRI without contrast showed was some slight edema in the right ventricle near the base of the brain. Which was probably due to inflammation from the MS. If it isnt MS, there are other rarer diseases that it could be. If MS is eliminated as the culprit, then you go through other tests to see if you can figure out what it is. An old fashioned way to find out if someone has MS was that doctors would put a patient in a hottub for a certain amount of time and then check their neurological functionality by a series of tests like the sobriety test. That is a good indicator if you have neurological problems. Here are some links that give you an idea of what they do.http://www.webmd.com/hw-popup/Movement-vision-balance-and-sensation-in-diagnosing-multiple-sclerosishttp://www.webmd.com/hw-popup/Mental-ability-and-emotional-condition-in-diagnosing-multiple-sclerosisI would take it from there, get the MRI just to know. If you have any generalized paralysis in particlar sections of the body (as opposed to a small part, like an earlobe, babytoe) - that can only be neurological. When I had my nerve conductivity study, the doctor told me I needed to be checked for MS because the test was normal and the only other explanation it could be is something in the brain or spine is causing it. That was many years ago. I blew it off because it seemed that my doctors didnt really give a crap anyway and it wasnt interfereing with my life yet. There are other things it could be, but they are more rare than MS. Let us know how the appointment went.
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  • Look at www.ahummingbirdsguide.com its about ME go to symptoms page...see how many you have...the site is not about hummingbirds...you have the sx...go there
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