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  • Posted By: twinreverb
  • March 17, 2009
  • 10:09 PM

Hey hope someone may be able to point me in the right direction, for over a year and a half my body has been going a bit downhill and ive not been able to do much about it, i'm 24 yrs old and i eat reletively well and excercise.

- Over weight
- Diffuse Hair loss all over scalp (top,sides,back) with itchy/tingly feeling and occasional oily/flakey scalp
- Sparse Eyebrows with flakes at attached to the roots when they fall out.
- Pseudo Gynecomastia
- Bier Spots

I work as a Postman and walk for 4 hours a day 5-6 days a week at a fast/steady pace and work out at night 3 times a week, yet i cant seem to lose any kind of weight at all, i wash my hair everyday with Nizoral and Meted in rotation yet it still seems to thin, i have a full hairline and my crown is still thick.

I have been tested for Thyroid problems in the past and it came back okay if i can remember, what else could be causing this ? who can i see in regards to this, instead of my GP ? i was sent to a Dermatologist but all they can do is prescribe me something to treat the scalp condition but not for the underlying cause.

Thanks Kevin

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  • The simple thing is that you have seborrheic dermatitis.More of a problem is your pseudogynecomastia,which might not be ''pseudo.''In my research I found that gynecomastia is present to a small degree in most men with the pseudo-form.Have you had a mammogram?I can't explain your alopecia just yet.Are you on any meds or do you smoke pot?
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  • Well,I just found out that seborrheic dermatitis can cause hair loss!
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  • I forgot to ask how much you weigh and your height.
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  • Thanks for all youre replies, im 24 yrs old and asthmatic although it is improving a lot with my Job, i used to smoke normal cigarettes but gave up a year and a half ago, i smoked pot when i was about 15 but wasnt on it heavy only when friends had it.I'm 6ft 2 inch and my weight is 16 stone, all my weight is mainly around the waist (love handles, belly, **m ) and then in chest (pear shape), i did previously have a lump in my left under my nipple but then it dissappeared and now it feels like a water balloon when i press it, and it is only on one nipple the other is fine.
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  • How much is a stone in pounds?And the thing near your left nipple should be examined by a doctor.
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  • First ask your PCP to refer you to a dermatologist. 1.) Scalp Psoriasis- Itchy patches in various areas of the scalp, body, that cause irritation, baldness, and scale skin. There are treatments out there. A physician can prescribe a medication or I have also heard that Avocado or birch oil helps soothe psoriasis. I think they are available at health food stores or vitamin cottage. 2.) Seborrhoeic Dermatitis- This is similiar to eczema, yeast on the scalp cause itchiness, scratching, and hair loss. Again there are prescription treatments, ask your physician. I hear that if you add rosemary oil, it makes the hair feel better. And, if you add Manuka, tea tree oil, or lavendar to your daily wash routine, it helps stimulate hair growth. 3.) Sometimes scabies causes itching, rash, and hair loss. As far as the hard time with weight loss- If you are feeling especially (or even a little extra) stressed, your body produces a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is famous for keeping or adding belly fat. Try reducing your stress a little. Also, stay away from High GI Foods. Stick to lower GI, lower carb eating. The body produces too much sugar it is stored as fat. And, in men, it goes straight to the stomach. Some types of insulin resistance can also make it harder to lose weight. Genes also play a role in weight gain and inability to lose. My hubby has tried the Nutrisystem for men, and he has lossed a great deal of weight. Good luck!
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  • ok! done for the dermatitis by the other colleagues, but if you have problems with your bellly and gynecomastia... just tell if you feel any pain or there is any tenderness(pain on pressure) on your right side of your abdomen? what about your abdominal size and is it large? just if you have increasing abdominal size and gynecomastia you should revise your liver functions Thanks and hoping everything will go well God willing
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