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  • Posted By: Fannou
  • April 30, 2008
  • 07:32 PM

i already answered people but did not tell about me...
I'm lost right now, hard to speak, to think, stays at home don't want to see anyone...
My physical symptoms:
-muscle pain and joint moving all the time: migratory pain
-muscle twitching everywhere
-rib pain
-ear pain
-back pain
-burning sensations and tingling sensations, even feel things on me
-breathing problems since 4 years
-digestion problem comes and go
-strange tingling in the face(left side)
-tachicardia(feel heart going crazy)
-panic and agitation all the time
-feel a ball in troat, also sore troat
-chest pain for some seconds come and go(like the rest)
-numbness of fingers, feets, legs, even my sexe :(
-brain frog, feel drugged
-vision trouble
-started having rashe and see apparition of small red points and spots on body
-before fall=pain in feet and now come and go
-lose of hair, even eyebrow
-orange around eyes
-feel crazy, can't do nothing, no autonomy, totally changed
-feel cold, before was big sweats
-don't want to go out , see anyone, i can't!
-metallic taste( put some amalgams in summer and thats when troubles became worst

My doctor (that is an environnemental doctor) believes i can have been reacted to mercury but also that i have lyme disease, that showed up slowly and now totally....

IM very afraid. I know that she is treating lyme very well, not in a month or 3, is mentor is James L. Shaller if im not wrong, who dos research about lyme disease.

Aniway, it's impossible to think to something else when i'm totally agited, paniqued, and lost my mind and memory like this. I feel totally parasited.
Here is the test iM doing for lyme:
-IgM western Blot
-IgG western blot

In fry laboratories=
Package profile for:
Bartonella hensalae & quintana igG & IgM IFA, Babesia microti IgG IFA, Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgG, special stain with photo documentation(2)
Anti-nuclear Antibody Identification,and Ehrlichia Panel.

But it does not include Rocky mountain ...that i'm afraid of.

But it seems that my symptoms, almost the panic, looks like bartonella, but what about the tingling everywhere and the red points...

I could have get it in BC, Okanagan Valley, camping and picking cherries, or in so many others places, but iM sure i was born with it, my mom having a lot of problems...
Do you thinks its also transmissible by sexe, like a mts ???
Need answers..

If ever you see other possibilities, let me know...Thank u,


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  • Has porphyria been ruled out? This can cause pain, skin problems, neurological symptoms (including hallucinations), personality changes, gastrointestinal problems, and rapid pulse. Also, has Cat Scratch disease been ruled out?
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  • its good you say that, bacause i have been scratch by the cat of my friend as 11 years old and had an infection...Doctor gave me a cream only...I,M Sure now it was bartonella(infection of cat scratch) because i saw picture exactly like me of the infection...I will know sonn..for the porphyria, i don't think because my state is chronic,it never stop... not crisis...But if don't find i'll check...Thank u..Fannou
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  • Thank u Blaze...But i very don't know what to say. In my case, i think i'm also affected by mercury. Do u have amalgams fillings??What of the reason is that it became worst when having my amalgams last summer(50% mercury) already have 3 since childhoods, and i totally changed since that. i was sick and weird, but worst since that, and i have a metallic taste i can't take off... Blaze, do u know if it's sexually transmissible, some say no, some say yes, but i met lovers both having... Since when are u on antibiotics??
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  • fannou.. did you test positive for high mercury levels? (there are tests which can be done.. it shouldnt be guess work). Did some postive lyme testing come up? (im just wondering if all your current diagnoses has been just guess work, without any postive tests to back things up).
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  • I believe you have the "picking cherries" disease. :D If you get them off the side of the road, the sprayers come along and spray a heavy pesticide to kill weeds, unformtunately, the cherries get sprayed too. Depending on if the cherries were sprayed, that is where I would begin...
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  • Im waiting for the results for lyme, and i'll do a test for mercury in a week. A real one, with chelator. At the beginning yes, i thought to pesticides, but it doesnt do all i have,after 4 years, im sure of it. But probably it didn,t help, for sure. But i'm sure about lyme, and worry so much...
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  • there's two things you probably have not been checked for: hashimoto's thyroiditis and celiac disease. The thyroiditis might only be diagnosed by checking thyroid antibodies- even if your hormones tested normal. Celiac disease can also cause some of your symptoms. There are probably a lot of other things this could be (especially autoimmune things), though. I just thought I'd throw these ideas out i case you get real desperate and no one has thought of them yet.Best Wishes.
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  • Don't woorry, i did all this. I have a small allergie to gluten, but even celiac disesase doesn't do all this...Even not hashimoto's...When u live somthing really crazy, ypu know it...Thank u actually...
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