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Imbalanced with head pressure and extreme fatigue for 5 months. MRI clear-ish. Any ideas?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 7, 2015
  • 01:38 PM

I've been suffering with what I thought was a recurrence of vertigo/vestibular disorder (I had suspected labyrinthitis 2 yrs ago).

However, the symptoms seemed to progress differently to the previous episode. Things have worsened rather than gradually improved and I have other symptoms that don't quite seem to fit.

Every morning when I wake up, I feel like my head is full of lead. I'm imbalanced 24/7, but it gets really bad if I have to walk outside (after 5 mins, I feel I might keel over), or if I have to concentrate on anything. Even having a conversation for too long tires me out and can even result in slurred speech. My depth perception is shot and I keep dropping things. My brain feels scrambled and, although I write for a living, some days I struggle to put an email together. I have other minor symptoms like tinnitus, tingly or numb fingers, mouth and feet.

I'm 33 and have already been cleared for diabetes, vitamin deficiency etc. My MRI came back as "essentially normal" but with "a slight widening of the horizontal cerebellar fissure on the right hemisphere." The radiologist was unsure what it was down to (and I have no idea what it means anyway). I'm currently under both ENT and neurology, but both seem to think it's the other's department!

Any ideas what to do next? Or other suggestions? Many thanks!

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  • Here is a link to something similar that my daughter sent me last night. We both have had these pressure headaches,spaced out feeling, off balance and have told several doctors and have had test run and get told they are some kind of tension headaches! I think there is more to it. Maybe if we all talk about things we have in common, we can diagnose and figure it out instead of depending on doctors since they don't have a clue. You can read about others who have similar problems in this link: http://www.ourhealth.com/conditions/head-conditions/head-pressure-spaced-out-foggy-dizzy-fatigue-top-neck-ache
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  • I need cure also can you send me anything new you know?
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  • My money is on sinuses. I have a lot of similar symptoms and after a discussion with my sister who mentioned it was probably sinuses I paid more attention to it and noticed sometimes it did hurt under my eyes and made adjustments accordingly and it pretty much convinced me that’s what it was. But when I went to the doctor and my sinuses were only slightly red. I guess the problem was its not glaringly obvious sinuses. If you look up sinuses issues it will only describe the cause as something obviously wrong with the sinuses, but your symptoms will be in line with the cause. Does that make sense?
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  • Look into Chiari Malformation type 1
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  • I too have very similar symptoms. I've had 2 mris, one this past month and 1 last February. I was recently diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome through bloodwork but my rheumatologist is not convinced it's sjogrens due to the neurological symptoms of numbness on my right side and feeling like a bobblehead and right eye pressure. Are you taking any medications?
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  • Menieres disease? Symptoms sound similar!
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  • Menieres disease? Sounds like the symptoms! Ask your neurologist!
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  • Maybe Chiari 1 Malformation or Ectopic Tonsillar Herniation
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