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Im So Confussed..pls Help

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  • Posted By: chica69
  • April 1, 2007
  • 03:24 PM

Hi all

Sorry it a bit long but i have a bit of history.

When I was 14 i was diagnosed with IBS...could be walking then all of a sudden sharp pains like someone sticking a nife between my front and back passage it would stop me in my tracks..i always had diarreoa never const. anyway this lasted a few yrs and then totoal vanished .

I am now 38 and have had irregular periods for nearly 2 yrs, i was sent to a gyn at the local hospital and told i had a cyst on my left overy..i had constsnt pain in my lower abdomen and also around the left hand side of my back and above my left hip bone. the cysts went away with 2 months of contraceptive pills.....the irregular periods went back to normal until Jan this year, I went back to the doctor who sent me to a GYN specialist, i was told because of all the heavy bleeding that the lining of my cervix had become very thin, but this is not where the pain is coming from..i have nausea, sometimes vomit and still have the sevear abdomin pain, i can have diarrea up to 3 times a day....some days nothing at all, but the pain in my lower abdomen across my public line mostly now is constant.

MY GYN said that he thought i could have a kidney stone as i had to pass urine 3 times when i was in his office....I went to A +E as the GYN prescribed me medication for the kidney stone....but he did not diagnose this as he was a GYN...so i never took the medication...anyway 13 hours in a+e...blood test done , urine test done , x-rays to check my liver and panc...kidneys etc..along with and ultrasound of my abdomen...neadless to say all tests and xray were normal....I have now been asked to attend the digestive system department on tue 3rd april.....I dont have the same sharp pains as the IBS i have before, i do now have ulcers in my mouth 1 at each end and they come and go...I am still feeling nausia every day and still have the pains in the abdomen along with the diarrea...1 thing i have noticed is that i cannot have sex with my husband, married 14 yrs never any problems, as soon as he tries to enter me i have a very sharp pain at the bottom of my vagina opening like its tearing....we have tried sex 3 times last week but with no joy always the same pain...afterword when i pee it stings like mad....i do not have any STD...neither does my husband...

What tests will they do at the digestive dept....if my xrays are clear and my scan is clear ....what else can be wrong http://boards.webmd.com/Images/e/confused.gif please can anyone give me some advise, i have lost a little weight only about 8il in the last 3 months...although that i am not complaining about.

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  • well went to the digestive dept at the hospital , she examined my abdomen by pressing certain parts of it, i told her where i felt the pain, she asked me a few questions, then told me that she was going to book in in for a colonoscopy....should have it done within 3 wks.....now my periods have come back with the heavy clotting and i have now been bleeding for 6 days...its not looking like its going to stop...sometimes i could bleed for months on end...the funny thing is all my hormone levels come back normal and i dont show any signs of anemia.......can anyone tell me what the heck is happening. Lots os Love....Chica
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  • I was wondering if you take birth control?Ive dealt with alot of what I heard in your story and with the burning and bleeding,it kinda hit home.I came to find out I cant take birth control(didnt figure out why yet)but it would hurt to have love making with my husband,I bled for over a year,and just horrible pain.I still have a lot of it but the bleeding stopped when I stopped birth control.IT IS NOT SOMETHING I RECCOMEND WITHOUT TALKING TO YOURDOC> AND FIGURING OUT SOMETHING WITH YOUR MATE.I am now trying a med for the diareah and such but will be gettin a colonoscopy and endoscopy very soon so I still dont know all my answeres yet so thats all I can offer you buit I wish you well and good luck with your tests.
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  • Hi Chica,That pain, the one that seems to be just between the area of the Gyn and the GI? I've got that pain. For me it was constipation along with my bleeding. So far...no one can figure out what is causing the pain, even though we can point to the place, and push on it and make it worse. I've even had an MRI for it, and it showed nothing but some little fibroids on my uterus that should not be bothering me, considering how small they are.TRULY I wish you the best of luck. Wish I had more to offer. If they figure it out, by all means, POST!! I'm curious.Good luck,Shula
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  • Himany thanks for your feedback and thoughts, Im not on the pill because I got sterilised around 13yrs ago after I had my daughter. I said that the last time i was given the pill it helped me and my cycle went back to normal, this time the pill did not help, as my GYN told me that it would not because there is nothing wrong with my hormones, I did have a pap test done and should find out the results mid next week, I feel like a nutter being sent around the different departments in the hospital, so far I have been to my doctor every 2nd week, he always wants to see me to make sure im ok......hahhahhah....then to the doctor at the social security, thats who pay my salary when you have been off work for more than 2 wks, then to the hospital GYN, then to a private GYN, then to the social security doc again, then to the digestive dept...now I will be going to have a colonoscopy in about 3 wks time, before that I have another appointment with the hospital GYN on 19th APRIL for an viginal ultrasound...then 4 visits to A+E with bleeding and abdomen cramps.....HAPPY DAYS. I will keep you all posted on what the results are from both the pap test and the colonoscopy. Lots os love Chica.....xxxxx
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  • Hi All..Chica Here I had a call back from the GYN today to say that my pap test came back normal, but I have a fungal infection in my vigina, I thought this was a bit strange because I have no symptoms, no discharge, no itching etc.........., I would like to know if a Viginal Fungal infection could be linked to Crohns Disease, as I have most of the symptoms of this, abdominal pains that come and go, sometimes they pain can last a good few days and can be quite severe, mouth ulcers on the inside of both cheecks that calm down when i have no pain and get larger when i do have pain in my abdomen ( they never seem to go away completly), nausia, diarrea ?????? I have a colonoscopy booked for 3 wks time. Many Thanks...Chica xxxxx
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