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im scared

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 28, 2011
  • 05:37 PM

im 14 years old and have nevr had sex and i have these pimple looking things on my vagina but from the start of my vagina to the end its startes to change to a darker and deeper red and it itches i thought i had a uti because i have to go pee ever 15 min. but that doesnt make your vagina change colors nor bumps im really scared

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  • Oh honey, I know it's scary but you have to take care of your body. You've done nothing to be in trouble for. Can you ask your parents to take you to the doctors? Tell them you have female issues that you want to talk to the doc about. Tell the doctor everything you've told here. You said you are a virgin, but also let them know if you have ever been touched against your will, as that can spread infections as well. They will take a look and maybe take a small brush and get a smear to send to a lab to figure out what it is. Then you'll get a treatment plan... maybe cream or a medicine that you take by mouth that will clear it up.If you can't get to your doctors for whatever reason, call or walk in to your school nurse. He or she will help you. Or, you could go to a clinic or ER. It helps to have a good friend go with you if you need to do that. Bottom line is... take care of your body. You deserve it and you will have to do it all your life. ((hugs))
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  • Try not to worry.. it may be just something like thrush (candida fungus) which is very common in females and which one can get due to many different things eg may happen after antibiotics, wearing nylon underpants etc. You do need to see a doctor about a probable urine tract infection if left untreated you could end up in serious issues with your kidneys. If you are way too embarrassed to talk to doctor about your vagina.. tell your mother you really wish to have a private talk to doctor while being seen for your urine issue.. at the age of 14 that isnt an unreasonable request to make of your mother. I also guess your mom would understand if you request to see a female doctor. best luck
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  • I'm 24 and me, my sister, and several of my other female family members have all had some kind of vaginal infection at one time or another and they can pop up for no apparent reason at all. Yours sounds like what my sis had, and they just gave her an antibiotic to take and it cleared right up. Don't worry too much, love, it's so common among us women, but it probablly won't go away without a doctor's visit.
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  • If you have been shaving the area that could be the cause of the bumps. Shaving can irritate the skin and hair follicles and cause ingrowing hairs and redness, itchyness, bumps etc. If it is due to shaving you could try not shaving for a while and avoid tight clothes and synthetic underwear (wear cotton instead). If you are worried and it doesn't go away see your doctor. Like the other ladies have said, these things happen and are usually easily solved.
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