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Im desperate!! Please help diagnois my lower back/pelvic/bone pain!

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  • Posted By: donnastressederic
  • July 10, 2009
  • 07:05 PM


Hi I am a 30yr old working mum of 3.
After my 1st child was born 12yrs ago I suffered from sciatica for approx 18 months. This went away gradually of its own accord. After my 2nd child 8yrs ago, I suffered from acute lower back pain which on occassion became so bad that I couldnt walk. At the time I weighed approx 7 1/2st. This condition would come and go.
Whilst I was pregnant with my 3rd child 4yrs ago, I developed severe SPD which left me wearing a pelvic brace and on crutches until my daugthers birth. Ever since, my pain condition has esculated and is at an all time high.
My main site of pain is my lower back, just above my pelvis. This pain is agony, and definately skeletal. I sometimes also get a hard "lump" to the left of my spine approx size of a golfball, but this comes and goes.
My pelvis, particularly the front is very tender and sore and if touch, has me climbing on the ceiling!
My knees constantly grumble and if they sre straight, they feel as if they need to be bent and vice versa.
My fingers particularly my pointing fingers are sore. They lock and i have lost mobility in them.
My ankles are just weak generally and have me going over on them on a regular basis.
My elbows are tender and feel like they are constantly bruised, although they aren't.
My spine crunches wher it joins my head and my jaw has started to do this also.
I have had enough now as I have no quality of life anymore. I cant run around with the kids or exersize or swim because of the pain. I get stabbing pains which I think could possibly be nerves (?), through my pelvis and inside other random bones. This happens whether I am mobile or not.
Believe it or not, I have a very high pain threshold and had been prescribed pregabalin, tylex and diclofenic which just dulls the pain not getting rid of it but causes me to gain weight rapidly and makes my reactions much much slower. (I now weigh 11st and am 5'1").
Today, my peabrained consultant diagnosed fybromyalgia. I explained that I do not suffer sleep disturbances, bowel problems, skin rashes, have had no 'life crisis' and do not have muscular pain as mine is VERY definately skeletal with the possibility of nerve pain. She said i must have a very low pain threshold and promply discharged me!!!! 1st time she ever saw me!!

Please does anybody have any clues as to what could be wrong with me??

Thank you for your time x x Donna x x :confused::o:D

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  • Have you had any diagnostic exams done - xray, mri, etc? Have you had blood tests done to determine your B12 and vitamin D levels? Please read this post: http://health.nytimes.com/health/guides/disease/rickets/overview.html I am NOT saying you have rickets, but you may have low levels of D contributing to your bone pain. It is a simple blood test, and should be ruled out IMO. The fact that you have had several children at a relatively young age leads me to suspect that multiple nutritional deficiencies may be contributing to your pain. Please do rule out D deficiency.Best wishesDOM
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  • Assuming that you have been COMPLETELY worked up for anything more serious, I agree with the previous poster and you absolutely must INSIST right now that your doctor check your Vitamin D levels. I'll bet you a $1 that it's EXTREMELY low and that can cause SEVERE bone pain.You do not have rickets, adults do not get 'rickets', we get the adult version called osteopenia- from low vitamin d levels. be sure to also get your calcium levels checked along with your vitamin D because if you calcium is low or normal, then AGGRESSIVE calcium and vitamin d supplementation are in order. If its HIGH, then you need to see an endocrinologist.Kerri Knox, RNFunctional Medicine Practitioner
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