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ill for a year without diagnosis, desperate for help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 28, 2011
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I am a 26 year old male who got sick August 24th 2010 and have been feeling very ill since then. It started with a fever/flu feeling then I got laryngitis and tosillitis and shortly after I got chest pains followed by abdominal cramps and bloating and pangs of pain in my lower and right abdomen. In November after two negative mono tests there was a weak positive mono test so they diagnosed me with mono, however I'm still experiencing massive discomfort many months later that aren't consistent with mono. My spinal area feels sore (especially at the top around the back of the neck) and I have this rotten tingly feeling in my head from time to time, along with mental cloudiness (can't concentrate as well, don't feel myself, can't remember things as well). My gut feels terrible and bloated and my feces are not well formed and contain undigested food although I've had a colonoscopy and endoscopy with unremarkable findings. My lymphnodes are swollen and hard and throughout being ill I've had hemrrhoids. Also I have a fuzzy feeling along the inside of my cheeks. I've had a CT of my abdomen and head but all they find is swollen lymphnodes and nothing concerning a diagnosis. I'm in a large amount of discomfort at all times, especially my abdomen, spine, and ache in the head..

I have a feeling it may be sarcoidosis or something auto-immune/inflamattory related disorder, if anyone can offer any advise or tips of any kind I would consider it a massive act of kindness and thank you in advance.

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  • Hi" I have a feeling it may be sarcoidosis or something auto-immune/inflamattory related disorder" = In fact you have multiple disorders developing simultaneously. It's common mistake to consider that all symptoms belong to one disorder. I don't know why but many people and may be also many modern doctors suppose that any person can not have more than one disease at the same time, therefore they constantly try to gather all symptoms into one disease and give it new name (sometimes their name for vainglory) - very wise attempt, but unfortunately it's out of reality.If you want, I can give you detailed diagnostics of your diseases.
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  • If you want, I can give you detailed diagnostics of your diseases.I'd appreciate any info you could give me :) Tnx.
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  • For diagnostics I need your biometrical information, such as full date of birth (day-month-year), your weight and height, your normal BP measured numbers, and some answers my questionnaire about your particular conditions & symptoms (Yes/No). If you feel uncomfortable to post this personal information on the forum, you can send me email.
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  • Reactiving EBV is a common finding with Chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) .. also called ME/CFS. ME/CFS can be an illness in which more and more symptoms come in over time. It has many different symptoms as it is a systematic kind of illness (affects many body systems and areas). here's a good list of other CFIDS symptoms http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html http://sacfs.asn.au/download/consensus_overview_me_cfs.pdf page 2 which you'll find if you scroll down and past al the first pages of the document, has diagnostic criteria for this. (ME and CFS illnesses are hopefully soon to become completely separate illnesses as there is a new international ME defination which has just out and published scientific journal but its still in its draft stage so for now the canadian consensus ME/CFS diagnostic defination to which I gave the link for, is the most recommended one). I suggest to see someone who specialises in this illness since you have a classical kind of ME/CFS onset starting with fever/flu like symptoms
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