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If It's Not Addison's, What Is It???

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  • Posted By: Lydia_1
  • August 7, 2011
  • 00:19 AM

I am 5'1" 120 to 130lbs. I am physically active, I don't drink but do smoke electronic cigarettes.

In the spring of 2008 I started experiencing extreme fatigue. There is about a 2 week period I don't really remember or know how I got anything done (work, caring for the kids or housework.) I pretty much got home from work and went to bed. It began to get better but I still had get at least 10 hrs of sleep a night. Gradually through the summer I felt better.

That next winter it returned but not as drastic and more in spurts.

October of 2010 the fatigue returned, there was a week when I slept about 20 hours a day (I was starving all the time and only woke up to eat.) I was craving salt and eggs. Also my hair began falling out in large amounts but not clumps. At this time I also suddenly lost the 10lbs I had gained and been trying to loose since 2008.

Most the time the fatigue is sudden, like after grocery shopping I am suddenly so tired I can't drive home and my husband has to. There is nothing I can do to stay awake and I have difficulty thinking or making sense when I talk.

January of 2011 I came home on Friday and went to sleep. Saturday morning I woke up briefly to eat and went back to sleep. That evening I had to get up so I got into the shower but I was so dizzy I couldn't stand. I was pale and was "seeing stars" long story short we took my blood pressure and it was 55/35.

My blood pressure is normally 90/60 but it seems I have the fatigue when it drops to 80/40 or lower. This only seems to happen over the winter. The low blood pressure is accompanied by slow heart rate, 40 - 50 bpm it is normally about 60 - 70 bpm.

Sometimes, I also experience heart arrhythmia.

I do not think my blood pressure was always as low as 90/60 but I don't really have a prior medical history since I was never "sick" before 2008 except for the occasional sinus infection.

Other symptoms:

*Continued hair loss (my hair has thinned to 1/2 its original thickness)
*Occasional massive headaches not made better by ibuprofen
* Usually a slight constant headache in the front of my head or behind my left eye
*weight gain in the summer
*weight loss in the winter with an increasing appetite
*extreme worsening sensitivity to cold (below 78f I start to become uncomfortable)
* Increasing difficulty with memory
* Periods of extreme craving for salt usually accompanying the increased appetite and weight loss in the winter.

I have had blood tests for thyroid, cortisol, ATCH. All have been fine. There are no abnormal findings in my blood work and my cholesterol is low. I have never had any blood tests done in the summer. I also had the 24hr urine test for cortisol. I have seen a neurologist and endocrinologist and neither found anything. I had an MRI in 2009 and it was clean. I have never had any test for estrogen/progesterone levels but my husband thinks I should.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, it has been a long 3 years.

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