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IBS? I think not.

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  • August 28, 2007
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Okay, I'm 17, female, and am pretty desperate to find out what is wrong with my insides. I apologize now for the confusing run-on sentences.

I have had what I refer to as "stomach problems" since about.. let's say sometime in the year 2000. (It started around the time my parents were separating, and I was 10-11 years old- but I don't think that has to do with anything.) After getting blood and stool samples tested I was diagnosed with IBS. I would have diarrhea and constipation, and apples, milk, too much cheese, and too much tomato sauce would hurt my stomach. The doctor told me to take fiber bars, and I did for a while, but that only made things worse. She also had me try immodium or something, which made things WAY worse. After a few years of random stomach problems they started being a bit more consistant; starting in the morning before school (pain to the point of waking me up to go to the bathroom- where I would sit for about 20+ minutes) and sometimes lasting so long I would have to go to school late or just stay home all day (this is in the time period that I was eating fiber bars regularly). I decided to rebel against the doctor's orders and stopped taking fiber bars- which as a result I saw a great improvement.
For about a year after I stopped the fiber bars I barely had bowel issues (though I have never, as far back as I can remember, had a bowel movement every day like we're supposed to) BUT then I got my period (2004 I think). Since my period wasn't on a regular schedule yet I'd have random stomach problems, which was usually me sitting in the bathroom with no activity for the majority of the time just waiting for the pain to go away. Now, a few years later, I still have problems with apples, milk (which I take lactaid for), excess cheese/tomato sauce, and my stomach problems only occur mildly a week before my period, intensely the first few days of my period, and mildly again for the remainder of it. I don't even bother trying to drink milk (even with lactaids) during my period, and no meds have worked except for Advil- which is still no promise. Actually, putting cold things on the outside of my stomach (like frozen veggies, haha) or drinking ice water relieves the pain a bit. I don't try eating anything but crackers until the pain is dulled a bit. In the morning, my stomach problems are usually so painful they wake me up, but after I go to the bathroom (still for about 20+ minutes) I can force myself to sleep through it until the next unbearable moment.
I am going to get a little bit more personal, so forgive me but, when I have my period and don't drink a crap load of water every second (which is usually only overnight), my stomach is in so much pain I just sit in the bathroom for a long time- like before- and (and this is if I don't drink a lot of water) the blood from my period is like, clotted when it comes out. Except now, it's like I have to have a bowel movement before a clump of blood, or even a "flow" will flow out. Inside I feel as though my.. bowel tube, and my.. woman tube are not giving each other enough room to let the contents escape.. if that makes sense.

I am convinced that this is not IBS and definitely has more to do with my menstrual situation, but I don't know what to search for when I try to do research on my symptoms. I hope someone can help! I am open to any suggestions or questions- don't hesitate!


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  • Charlotte,First of all, IBS is a diagnosis that a doc will give you when he/she hasno other idea of what could be wrong. I think it is completely overused and does nothing to help your symptoms:confused: , and it sure sounds like you have more going on... Please research endometriosis and try to find a good gyno who is experienced in this. Also have your gyno rule out uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary disease (PCOS), or ovarian cysts. Any of these problems can cause extreme pain, and bowel troubles. Do you have lower abdominal pain IN BETWEEN your period? This could be a sign of a cyst...endometriosis is very very painful and can cause lots of bowel problems associated with your periods. Also, consider celiac disease. Celiac is a gluten intolerance, which would make sense since fiber bars made your symptoms much worse. I would recommend taking a good quality PROBIOTIC to help with your digestion. A PROBIOTIC will help build up your good intestinal flora, and you can find this at any good health food store. Also consider digestive enzymes if you have a lot of gas/bloating after you eat. My last thought is to consider trying acupuncture to help get your periods regulated and to help with your menstrual pain...acupuncture is extremely effective for menstrual disorders like endometriosis/PCOS and others. I think it is a good idea to get any tests to find a diagnosis (ultrasound, ct scan, etc) and then once you have a Western diagnosis try acupuncture and see if it helps. Best wishesDOM
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    • August 29, 2007
    • 02:04 AM
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  • Thank you- you almost quoted what I told my Dad earlier. I think they just said IBS as a last resort because they had no idea. Just from trying to research it today, I came across Celiac quite a few times, but don't really understand what gluten is. My mom and I were going to find a gyno- the problem is she lives in Md, and I live with my sister in Va and we both work so it's going to be a bit difficult to work that out- but hopefully it will be worth the fuss. For the past hour or more I've been taking a questionarre called Diagnose Me to see what that suggests, so I hope it will lead me in the right direction. To answer your question, I only ever have pain right around my period. Before my first period it would act up during anxiety moments (first day of school type situations) but that hasn't followed through over the years. I am definitely going to look into endometriosis and I'll get back to you on that. Is PROBIOTIC a medicine or something to add to my diet? Thanks so much for your time and input!Charlotte
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    • August 29, 2007
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