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i thought it was a cold sore but im thinking CANCER now

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  • Posted By: Xisel B.
  • June 15, 2010
  • 05:15 PM

:(Ok so on Sunday morning i woke up and thought the beginning of a cold sore was happening (i do have herpes type 1) so i thought it ws just the herpes thing. Through out the day my lip was getting bigger, it was growing about every 10 minutes. Not only is my left lip swollen but my left side of my neck feels like it is sort of swollen, has a ball inside of it and it also hurts to touch it or when i lay on my left side of my body my neck hurts. My lips swelling went down on monday but today (tuesday june 15th 2010) now it my whole left side of my lip, at first it was just a section of the left side of my lip but now its the whole left side of my lip. The lip does hurt when it is touched, it is hard, there was a white spot where it looked like puss was supose to be squirted out but now it is gone. Other facts that you guys may need to know is that my left side of my lip is pierced but i took out the piercing when i first began to think i was getting a cold sore and i do smoke cigarettes but i haven't smoked any for about 2 to 3 weeks now. I talked to my mother on Sunday night and she said it may be the fact that my boyfriend lets his dogs on the bed after the fact that the dog was running around outside in the back where she urinates and poops. There is about 4 dogs in the house i am in at the moment and there is dog hair everywhere, dirt everywhere, the only people who clean in the house out of 5 people is my boyfriend and myself. Lastly, i do have allergies but i have never had a problem with dogs or cats. My alergies include pollen, latex, pinnapples, certain makeup, certain laundry detergents, some type of clothing material but i do not quite know yet, and i think (but not quite sure) the lint stuff you pull out of the dryer, im also alergic to a certain clothing material but i haven't figured it out yet. So if anyone knows my problem and knows how i can fix it on my own please help me. I can not go to the doctors because i have no insurance and nobody i know has the Money to help pay for a huge medical bill. I have not seen a doctor since i was 14 and i am now 18 years old.:eek:

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  • it definitely sounds like relapse of herpes ... answer these questions n help me find out wats wrong with u .. m a medico 1. do u`ve loss of weight or apetite ?2.does d lesion bleed ?
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  • Hi I very much doubt that it is cancer. It is happening way too fast.I think it is an infection.How long ago did you get your lip piercing ?If it is an infection, it is worryingly close to your brain.Are the ER clinics free in the USA.? I would recommend getting this checked out. I hope that all you need is a prescription of antibiotics. Which should not be too expensive.best wishes
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