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I think im going mad over this lol!!! x

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 2, 2007
  • 02:33 AM

About 5yrs ago (aged 31) I suddenly gained a stone in weight for no reason i was 10 stone and had always stayed between 10 and 10 4lbs. He just looked at me and said i was getting older and we put on wieght as we age!! The following month i had no period and gained another half stone i went back he did a pregnancy test and nothing. Told me to stop eating fatty foods and fry ups even though i tried to explain that i wasnt.
I started to lose lots of hair and my skin has a silver tint and is incredibly itchy.
I went to the gym for 18 months sometimes twenty hours a week tried not to cut back on my meals as i knew it wasnt that causing the problem and when that didnt work i ate very little fruit and veg but i was going white with exersize and my personal trainer would make me eat said he could always tell when i hadnt cos i was pale. Over 18mnths i lost only 7lbs i did tone up but i was so frustrated couldnt understand??
I have incredible swelling too this was the first symtom. My feet would swell so bad i coulnt wear my shoes my legs looked like stumps with sausages on the end there was no distinction between calf ankle or foot the swelling took away any shape.
went back to my docs he tested for liver and kidney and thyroid (i have eye pain constantly) and nothing.
I asked to be refered to someone thinking maybe it was lymphodema.
One day i went to get the results of another water test and my thyroid came up on the computer as not working properly so we chatted about medication and for my depression he suggested counselling while i was there. I was euphoric medication would help and i was at last sorted
I went back to the docs said he didnt know what i was talking about he must have accessed someone elses records by mistake!! I immediately changed doctors
I have been getting chest pain and head aches had a scan for my eyes they can find nothing wrong and have recently been reffered to a nuerologist.
Im struggling i feel so unwell terrified i may be in a wheel chair soon as my feet become so painful. Frightened i may loose my sight and feel no one is doing anything i have three kids im a single mum and feel no one is taking me seriously
My periods have now all but stopped maybe two a year for a day and a half. My weight has balloned to 15 stone of which some i am responsible for as i have just given up i just feel so unwell dont want to leave the house as i feel incredibly self concious The joints in my feet are now very painful when i swell. I also get chronic pain under my arm and groin area but just on the left side.
Im in pain on a daily basis and have been for years.
I have no idea whats wrong with me and its really getting me down!
Any ideas?

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