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I think I may be looking at Lupus...any input is appreciated.

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  • Posted By: hollywoods
  • November 15, 2009
  • 05:57 AM

I'm new to this forum, found it while researching recently appearing symptoms to add to my plethora (SP?) of other symptoms. I'm a 35 y.o. mother of three beautiful children ages 3 to 14 years. I come from a family of seemingly cursed women. We all have Chronic Inflammatory Disease/ Autoimmune diseases of some sort. Mother has Lupus, Raynauds (among about 30 other dx's since onset 20 yrs ago.) Sis has RA and Neuropathy (of some sort) and I have been dx'ed with AS "Ankylosing Spondylitis" Fibro, Gerd, Barretts and newest today..RA. My GP was suspicious that I had been mis-dx'ed with the AS because she ran the exact same tests and found nothing to prove I had it (spacing between vertebrae all normal.) I have not been seen by my Rheumatologist for a year now due to loss of insurance but my internal med doc. I just started seeing is extremely concerned about my new symptoms. Numbness and tingling in arms, feet, buttocks and now face. I like to call it "balloon jaw" as it is the exact feeling you get after over taxing your cheeks with 500 tiny "impossible to blow up" balloons. lol. I have awaken in the morning to find what appear to be large bruises on my face (and yes...I sleep alone) so no one is kicking my but while I sleep. I have sores in my nose that kill to touch (immediate tears) and memory loss, inability to concentrate, urinary incontinence and now very painfully debilitating (crotch pains) for lack of a better description. It feels as though my pelvic bone is snapped and I can hardly walk. Now, add to that...tremors during fine motor skills and involuntary head bobbing while concentrating on TV or a book or even this darn laptop. I don't drink diet soda (don't drink much soda at all) Am definately guilty of the coffee clutch and occasional cigarrette. I was referred today to a new Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Urologist and Gastroenterologist to check the mass found in my upper left flank area today. Maybe one of the "OLOGISTS" can make some sense of it all :confused:. Currently take 10mg prednisone daily for (dx'ed issues, swelling and inflammation) Nexium for my Barretts & Gerd and by my own choice 2400 mg. Omega 3 fish oil suppliments with (EPA & DHEA) And a Womens Centrum Multi-vite a day. Underwent Chemotherapy drug treatment last January and MTX use caused beginning stage renal-failure. HGPT levels shot up and I was in and out of the ER screaming with upper GI and right flank pain every other day. Now they want to put me back on the MTX and give the subcutaneous injections a try because they feel my issue was that I was pill dosing. I don't know but I feel like my life is over already and im only 35. My kids are still babies and I have no energy to be the mom I was 3 years ago. Fishing, crabbing, bikeriding, basketball, long walks or just playing with my kids in any way. I just hurt so bad I can hardly move. For those mentioning feeling afraid to tell their doc's what theyre experiencing for fear of being branded a "hypochondriac,":( I know how that feels. But I learned that it doesn't really matter what they THINK because your symptoms (however small they may seem to you) may be very serious indeed. If I had not called and called my rheumatologist and bothered him with mine, I may not be here today because as I stated, I was going into renal failure. And yes I was told that worry was causing me to get sick. You know you better than anyone else and sometimes, we know exactly what we feel, we just don't know how to explain it so we get frustrated and start to sound a bit whiney. It's OKAY. Anyone relate with any of the recent issues I have had arise? I know this was long, thanks so much for hangin in...I just feel so lost.
Thank you sooo much for your time and responses. I look forward to meeting you all

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  • HI DO GO TO THIS PAGE http://en.allexperts.com/q/Lupus-2910/2009/11/Positive-ANA-Anti-dsDNA-1.htm IF IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU ANY ANSWERS THEN ---AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE --------------ASK A QUESTION :p:pGET WELL SOON
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    • November 18, 2009
    • 08:56 AM
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