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  • Posted By: Jhonneedhelp
  • November 18, 2007
  • 01:39 PM

6 month ago i got infected with some STD when my condom broke while penetrating a sex worker, I since took, HIV anti-retroviral for 1 month as a HIV prevention, Doxycycline, ciprobay, purmycin, amoclav BD, but i am still not fine. i did a STD profile including HIV test 6 weeks after the exposure, the only thing that came positive was Chlamydia anti-body, i took treatment for chlamydia,3 month after the exposure i repeated the HIV test and it was negative still. I posted my story here 1 month ago and i got a suggestion to check for lymphogranuloma venereuem, i since took purmycin 21 days course for lymphogranuloma venereum because some of my symptoms were similar to it.

There have been a slight improvement but I still do not feel fine.

What other test can I do? Apart from HIV, hepatitis B what are other STD’s that are life threatening that can test for? i did another HIV test yesterday which is 6 month since i was exposed, i will only get my result tomorrow.

my current symptoms are: tiredness, periodically feel hot all around my feet and sometimes my hands. sometimes i feel really bad, like something is really wrong with me. i feel cold some times and i feel sick most of the time.

thanks for your suggestions

here is the quote of my previouls post

5 month ago my condom broke when I was penetrating a sex worker. Few minutes’ later i started to have discomforts in the head of my penis that was a Sunday. the next day I went to see a physician, he put me on 7 days of doxycicline, once off 1g of ciprobay and one anti-retroviral for HIV prevention.

After the anti-biotic treatment I was still not fine, the physician asked me to do a Chlamydia blood test witch came back negative and a syphilis blood test that came back negative, we also did a C-reactive test that was normal by then.

He then told me I was fine, I was still not feeling fine. I went to see an urologist who discovered while physically examining me I had a swollen part in my testicles. He put me on a 15 days of ciprobay, 10 days of doxycicline, and 5 days of flagil.
After that treatment i was still not fine and my bladder was inflamed, he didn't realized my bladder was inflamed, he gave another 5 day of doxycicline and ciprobay.

After that I was still not fine, i decided to see another urologist, he then check my prostate and my testicles everything was inflamed.

He prescribed me 1 months of some anti-inflammatory and 10 days of flagyls.

After that treatment i was still not fine.

i did a STD profile including HIV, which came back negative.

i then went to see a different urologists who told she thinks i was fine, even when i was still having discomforts in the head of the penis and some pain in the bladder. We did a full blood count that shoed my neutrophil was low and my CRP was slightly higher.

I took a month off doctors, just to see how things were going to go. I then started to feel lower abdomen pain and pain all over my back, I did a urine culture which came back negative, i went to see a family physician, he checked my prostate and said it was inflamed he prescribed me another 10 days of ciprobay, when i was still not feeling fine he prescribed 20 day of amoclave Bd (it is some penicillin)

Toward the end of that treatment I did prostate sonar it said my prostate is not inflamed, but I am still not feeling well.

i feel sick all over my body, the color on my pelvis is not the same it use to be and things are not fine, my body get itchy, i did a stool test to look for fungal because of the many anti-biotic i took, it says scanty Candida albican.

I need your help in trying to diagnose my problem. Your suggestion will be appreciated.

i went to see a physician few days a go she put me on purmycin for 2 weeks 4 times a day. I am still taking it.

Tell me what test you think I can do to trace m y problem. Any suggestion welcomed.

Thanks for your help.

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  • You have very common symptoms that appear in a great amount of diseases. I would not worry about HIV, since you have not presented any of the classic symtpoms of early disease. The discomfort you had in your penis was most likely a psycological, after the scare of the condom breaking. The inflammation in your testicles and prostate sound alot like orchitis.Bacteria commonly cause orchitis. A prostate infection may occur in conjunction with orchitis. Epididymitis is an inflammation of the tube on the back of the testicle and can lead to this condition. I think you are scared and might even be overreacting to the situation. That was not ment to be a mean comment, but to let you know that it is quite normal after a scare like you had. If the symptoms of fatiuge and temprature change persist you should ask to have your thryroid checked. Hope this helps... Kiera
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 18, 2007
    • 04:47 PM
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  • Thank you for this information, i will investigate these 2 suggestions.i really hope it will help me. thanks once more.
    Jhonneedhelp 3 Replies
    • November 18, 2007
    • 07:06 PM
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