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I simply don't understand why

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 28, 2009
  • 05:00 PM

So this is my strange problem.

I have Hyperactivity , I just discovered that like a month ago when I saw the movie Thumbsucker and I realised that I had the same problem than the boy in the movie. So that same night I searched on the Internet about Hyperactivity. But here comes the curious thing:

Having Hyperactivity means that the whole day, from sunrise to sunset I just "daydream". All the time I imagine and dream about many things but I mean every day and all the day. I imagine during the whole day, it is so much that I can't sleep. So I visualize many different situations, but the problem is that I can't control it, I do no create the scenes they just appear and I continue. PLEASE BEFORE YOU CLOSE THIS WINDOW: I AM NOT CRAZY, IT IS NORMAL THOUSANDS OF PERSONS HAVE THIS PROBLEM IT IS JUST IMAGINATION, IT IS NORMAL, SO PLEASE LISTEN.

But most of the is conversation, is like I am speaking with someone or with agroup of people.

I thing I have this problem because I have hada very lonely life, I haven't have friends and right now I am all alone. Maybe that is why I imagine that I am talking with someone. Yes, sad story.

Well, having a life with so many problems you can imagine my reaction if suddenly someone would tell me that I can change my life with a magnific secret. And that is what happened in 2008 my brothers bought me the book of The Secret as well as the DVD, I was very depressed in that moment andit was an awesome gift. It was wonderful and when I watched it I was very grateful with God because I new that it would change my life, and I was very excited. So I watched the movie like three times the same day I wanted to understand perfectly everything. And gthen I opened the book and it was so much better than the movie because it specified all the concept in great detail. So as you can imagine I started doing everything, AFFIRMATION, VISUALIZATION, and been GRATEFUL.

I just wanted to make a brief introduction about The Secret fro those who haven't read it yet. Well basically The Secret tells you that there is a secret law that has been known since the begining of the times but it has been kept secret for ages. Even if many peoplee tried to hid it many great men trhough out history have tried to explain it through their work like Beethoven, Buda, Voltaire, Einstein.
The Secret is the LAW OF ATTRACTION, the law of attraction says that we attract everything to our lives through our thoughts. Everyhing that entersin our lives is attracted by our thoughts, and I mean everything: our relantionships, our work, our house, our income, our finances, everything. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad, the Law Of Attraction simply gives us what we think. So if we have negative thoughts we will attract negative things like: " I always loose", "My life sucks", "I never get what I want" "I don't have money", etc. But if we have positive thoughts instead of negative, we will attract good things like: "I alway get what I want", "I am always loved", "Money comes easily to me", "I am happy and I love life". Basically our persistant thoughts give us what we want, and so we creat our reality and this concept is not a "Crazy Idea" or "Wish Thinking" but it is actually backed up by Quantic Physics that say that everything around us is some sort of illusion created by our believes. So if we change our thoughts, we can change our life. The book explains everything with an incredible detail and it has been and international phenomena. It first appear in 2007 and it sold 500,000 copies in the first six months. and it has changed the life of millions of persons around the world I highly recommend the book, just look at the the stories in http://www.thesecret.tv/secret-treasures-stories.html .


Here is the PROBLEM, since the first day I tried to apply the processes or the steps of the Secret I felt a very big pain in the right side of my face, for the first time in my life I felt that pain. It was strong it was like if someone would put needles in my face like those from acunputure but it's painful the pain gradualy dicreases as the time goes on and it finally finishes like half an hour later. Everytime I sit don and I visualize as soon as I start, the pain arrives. Very strange. It's even stranger when I start to Affirm, the pain is stronger and I start like trembling a bit I feel weak, like if my strenght would go away for 4 minutes, the trembling lasts like 4 minutes but the pain in the face continues like for half an hour.

Since the last year I have tried to attract something in my life, but I can't, I have tried everything I mean really everything: visualize at the same time that I affirm, affirm slowly, everything that you can imagine but no result.

Before I met The Secret I used to pray a lot and I never felt any kind of pain, and now that none of the techniques presented by The Secret worked worked for me I tried to pray so God could help me but. But incredibly the same pain appears now that I want to pray.

The most anoying thing is that The Secret is changing the life of millions of people around the world but it is not working for me and I need it a lot.

And surprisingly this special pain just appears when i try to do one of this things: To Pray or To Apply The Law Of Attraction. Even when I am angry or stressed I don't feel anything.

The funniest thing is that I have Hyperactivity and I pass all the day "Day Dreaming". But when I focus on something I want, I can't. Funny isn't it?

My only questions now is: WHY?


I need it so much.

What's wrong with me.

Can any one tell me what's wrong with me. I jave read many books about the Law Of Attraction I guarantee you that I am doing everything right but: Why the pain?

I am just trying to be happy. I am just trying to get the life I want at least once in my life.

And to finish. Please don't think that I am a lazy persons that is trying to attract millions of dollasr through the lottery, or wants to attract am international model a "Super Model" or wants to win a Ferrari on T.V. No, I am a very realistic person, and I just want at least to try it without feeling any pain. I don't have huge and impossible objectives. No, I am just a person trying to have a norml life.

Thank you very much for reading such a big text. Thank you very much for speanding your precious time reading this. Thank you very much.

Please if you have the same problem, if you know someone that has the same problem, I would really appreciate your information.

Please, if you know what can I do to get rid of this pain may be a medicine or something. I would appreciate your reply.

One of the solutions that I am using now is that I accelerate my heart rate by jumping because. When I jump as high as I can in my room 10 times and the I sit down, I can visualize and I don't feel any pain at all. But it just lasts 5 minutes.

So it seems that it is something related to my circulation that is like stuck in some nerves of my face and when my heart bumps faster it is fine.

Well, please tell me what can I do.

Thank you very much.

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