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i really really need help

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  • Posted By: feconi333
  • July 9, 2009
  • 06:05 AM

I am 16 years old, and since i was six years old I have been having incessant and absolutely horrifying stomachaches. I honestly, can't remember a single day where my stomach hasn't hurt. Somedays it doesnt hurt as much and some days I can't even bare to live. On my sixteenth birthday I had to leave early from school and spend all day in bed. For about four months now, a new symptom has occurred, nausea. I rarely ever throw up, about three times i have actually vomited. There is never a fever associated. And it usually occurs after i have eaten, it hurt worst when i used to drink sweet tea, so i have stopped drinking that and stick to water, but it makes it hurt just as bad. Sometimes, a need to go to the bathroom is linked to my stomachache, but not all the time. I also,*recent new symptom* get this like dizzy spell where i have to stand still for about thirty seconds, and lights flash. Also, for about a two week duration i had blood in my stool. I have been to the doctor half a dozen times because of it even got that thing done where you swallow the gross fizzy stuff and they like xray your stomach, and that came back normal. I also sweat super bad, and thats been going on since i was 12, i dont know if thats associated with puberty or what, but it has yet to stop. I'm done and i need help. My mom insists its gas and just shrugs it off, i think its something more than that. I have been subscribed pills and more pills, the more recent ones started with a z and something else that was a stomach muscle relaxer, please help?

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  • mk... the stomache pain i would advise a doctor about... just because u may have allergies to food... ur blood in ur stool... if ur doctor has done a thorough exam and it came back normal... then i wouldnt worry about it too much... if its alot of blood yes.. but if its just streaks ect.. i think everyones gotten that from time to time... i know i have. as for your sweating and hot flashes and nasea it can be cause by ANXIETY.. i know this because i have CHRONIC axiety/panic attacks and they are not fun... very scary... they can come about when subconsciously u are thinking alot.. and if ur dwelling on whats wrong... definately i would say thats the culprit.. i too sometimes get hot flashes.. my vision sometimes blacks out... and i feel like im going to pass out... my heart races... sometimes i get chest pain.. breathing troubles... shakes... sweating.. including stomache pains and nasea.... its frightening.. but when we are stressed.. overworried... sometimes we trick our body to thinking we are in danger... u get this surge of adrenaline... and it sends our blood pumping... like your in trouble... fear... its a weird condition... but.. if u find u are having this often... i would suggest seeing a doctor for it.. it is harmless... BUT it can turn into a viscious cycle... where u start to worry about the attacks ect.. worry about everything.. and it will keep happening.. eventually turning into a chronic condition like i have. I now.. get panic attacks in my sleep... i fear sleeping.. causing me to have bad insomnia... and leaves me frusterated with bouts of depression.. so i do suggest talking to a doctor about it.. because earlier treatment can prevent it from becoming a chronic condition.. and it can eventually go away.
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