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i really need some advice!!

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  • Posted By: riskyd
  • March 11, 2009
  • 05:29 PM

hi all,

for the last week i have had a horrible headache, with neck pain and stiffness.I am taking 400mg motrin every 5 hours to bring the pain down to a tolerable level.

Last night i was getting ready for bed when i noticed that i have a small collection of fluid filled blisters on my right side, just above my hip.They are really quite sensitive.I took some anti-histamine thinking that it might be an allergy re-action, but that hadnt helped by the time i fell asleep.

This morning, i woke to an increase in back stifness, larger blisters, and feeling generally unwell.As the day had progressed, i am shaking, my hands are cold, my urine is tea colored, and i feel very tired.

i am trying as i write this to get in to see my doctor, but the clinic is not taking any calls for the next hour.any info provided will be great.

additional info.

age 23
non smoker/drinker

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  • Hi, sorry your not feeling well, it sounds like it could possibly be shingles, google it & see, Try & get to see your doctor as soon as possible the sooner you start treatment the better, If it is shingles you will be highly contageous until blisters dry up, so take care. Hope you feel better soon...:)
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  • The color of your urine can be a good indicator of things going on in your body. I'm concerned that you have some sort of renal or liver dysfunction. Or maybe even just a bad UTI. Still, I would discontinue use of any pain medication until you can get evaluated. Please stress your symptoms with the clinic and see a doctor as soon as you can. The rapid onset of your symptoms is concerning to me.
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  • thank you so much for both responses.I don't think i have a UTI as i have no pain or burning with urination, but i will ask my doctor when i see him later.my rash/blisters hasnt gotten any worse, but my headache has, and now the right side of my face and neck is swollen too.I will look up shingles, i hadnt thought of that.
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  • are you running a temperature ? A high Temperature, stiff neck & headache would be worrying also, make sure you get seen to asap. Let us know how you get on. Hope you feel better soon....:)
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  • so i went to my doctor yesterday, and after i told him what was happening, and showed him the blisters, he didn't say anything, but grabbed some books off of his desk, and started reading.By the time i had actually gotten in to see him, the swelling had gone down in my face and neck.After he read for a bit, he said that he would like me to come back today to see the other doctor there.So again, im going to the doctor and he still didnt tell me anything.Also, this morning my right armpit is hurting, everytime i move it, and it is quite swollen.any insight at this point would be great. I am running a low fever 102, and i feel sooo sleepy.thanx for any advice.
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  • just wanted to give you an update.I went back to the clinic to see the other doctor, and when i got there was told that due to an emergency my appointment was cancelled, but if anything gets worse, to go to the hospital.blisters are still there, no change in them, exept they now look deep red, almoast purple.They are still sensitive.I also am having back/side/abdomen pain with nausea.Headache is much better, but my fever is now steady at 103.armpit is stillvery swollen and sore.My right breast is swollen as well.also, last night, in the crook of my elbow on my left arm, where you would usually get blood drawn, right over the vein there, i have purple and red pin pric spots, but they are under the skin, and i have no idea what they are.please, if anyone has any ideas that would be great.
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  • One of the concerns in patients with tea-colored urine is the potential for rhabdomyolysis and the suspicions would rise depending upon your recent medical history and certain medications that you may be taking. If you have not yet been able to see your physician, my suggestion is that in the presence of steady fever among your other symptoms, that you be evaluated by your hospital emergency room if your doctor is unavailable. My other concern is that the issues evolving with the skin on your arm might be petechia. Prothrombin and partial prothrombin tests would also be among tests to run to rule out any type of thrombocytopenia that could also produce hematuria. They need to check your CPK and urine myoglobin to rule out rhabdomyolysis. If the flank pain is on the right side, then we could be dealing with a liver problem since serum bile can cause tea-colored urine on excretion from the body. The vescicular rash on your hip would initially suggest a zoster outbreak, which if it's indeed the case, would involve the sacral roots because of the location of the lesion and this particular region involved would typically cause you to experience hematuria as well. The point is that although zoster is the most likely culprit, other more serious conditions associated with tea-colored urine need to be ruled out. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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