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I need to help my daughter

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  • Posted By: BobbieM
  • July 29, 2008
  • 07:48 PM

I sure hope someone out there has an answer, my daughter is 34yrs old, about a year and a half ago she started have all kinds of weird Neurological
syptoms too many to list, any way she has gone thru every test in the book (we think) and all is normal, my question is, is there a drug or something that can cause these kind of problems and not be detected? she has a boy friend and everytime she starts to get better and stronger boom, i think he is giving her something to keep control of her, as I sais as soon as she gets strong it all starts over

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  • Dear Bobbie,In order to help I'd really like to see some symptoms of what she has, just saying hundreds of neurological problems doesn't really help considering there are tons of things that can be wrong and many of us who'd like to help can mistake that one neurological problem she has is a tumor, I'm not saying that she has one, but I'd like to see more information before any of us can help you.I'd also like to know if shes had any neurological disorders, and if there is anyone, besides her, that has a neurological problem. As to if it is a drug that her boyfriend is giving her, I'd like to know if he has any history in drugs (such as illegal drug dealer, pharmacist, or doctor), and if he seems kind of shady or what your typical drug dealer looks like. This information is required for us to give you a proper evaluation on which your daughter may have.As I said, list many of the symptoms she has, if there has been any biological history of neurological disorder, and if her boyfriend seems like that kind of guy. Thanks.
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  • no one can really give advice unless you list ALL your daughters symptoms as possible. There are many different neuro issues which can appear with "weird" symptoms and also quite a few neuro disorders which can come and go. Many neuro issues can be hard to diagnose. i myself can think of one in which one often gets worst again.. once one appears stronger.. but without seeing ALL the symptoms.. cant advise.
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  • Yes we definitely need a full list of specific symptoms.. You might want to try live blood cell microscopy - you can see problems in the blood such as yeasts (100+ symptoms including neurological/ balance /dizziness) which are medically not easy to test for, as well as deficiencies, hormonal problems, etc. It can't "diagnose" disease but you can really see what's going on. It would probably cost $75-90 and takes about 15 min until the blood starts to dry. (Just don't go buying a lot of expensive supplements from them - get what you need from your health care provider, health food store, and research it first..) Or if you want to email me with more questions it's freehelp99@yahoo.com Karen
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  • thanks to all who have replied, I understand you could not give much without more info. since yesterday my daughter is now in a hospital wondering how she got there. to give you more info ther is no other neuro problems in our family, doctors say they believe it to be dispression and or Anxiety but can not explain how she goes for weeks a happy normal mother of two to passing out while riding in a car and in a physic ward. yes the boyfriend is shady, lives on wellfare takes all kinds of medication and has been a drug dealer. I know my daughter isn't doing the drugs because each time she goes to the hospital i ask about the blood work
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  • If you suspect poisoning, you need to go immediately to your local authorities. Don't try to handle this yourself! You need the police to assist you!
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