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I need some information, ASAP, please!

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  • Posted By: kmc0706
  • June 11, 2009
  • 03:06 AM

I'm writing about my fiance. He is very sick right now. He's a diabetic and has had amputations on his feet (not diabetic related, work injury that actually caused his diabetes). He has an ulcer on the bottom of his foot that is taking forever to heal. He has been coughing and vomiting for the past few days. He just showed me his lymph node in his groin is swollen on his right side. Could it be just a viral infection, like the stomach bug, or is it something more serious like a leg infection? Please respond as soon as possible. I'm getting very worried for him. He won't go to the ER and he has NO medical insurance or money to see a DR.

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  • Run, don't walk, to the nearest free medical clinic. With diabetes, a sore that won't heal and enlarged lymph nodes.....I'd be worried too. Are his blood sugars under control? I'm not sure how a work-site injury can cause diabetes unless his pancreas was damaged-- could you elaborate more on this and the type of diabetes he has been diagnosed with as well as the type and frequency of his insulin (if he takes it). Also, you state amputation of the feet, but then he has a sore on his foot? Exactly what was amputated and when?He may just have a virus, yes, that's a possibility. But to me it sounds more like the sore on his foot is extremely infected, causing the other symptoms. This can be very serious. How long ago did he damage the foot and what are you doing to help it heal? Is he on any meds besides insulin (maybe)? What is his weight and height and age? Sorry for all the questions, but they help us answer your question.
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  • Thank you for responding...I ended up taking him to the ER last night and he has a leg infection. As I'm typing this, he is undergoing some surgery to hopefully clean up his feet and avoid amputation. It's very scary.Long story short...he was a paramedic and an 837 lb man fell on top of him crushing his leg and his steel tips into his toes, while recovering from leg surgery his feet got really infected. That is when he went septic, developed a 106 fever and was in a coma for a few days. During this time, they pumped him with prednisone. he was not a diabetic until this injury. Because his toes got infected, they had to amputate them and 2 inches below them.Since that accident in jan 07, his health has been deteriorating worse and worse. He is losing his vision, he gets sick very easy, he's had mrsa and is in pain every day of his life. every day i pray that he has as much as comfort as he can. he is 37 years old and weighs about 205 lbs. as far as his BSL - he has NO income and no medical insurance. he has no money saved. Social security is taking forever for him so he doesn't take his insulin as he should. He can't afford it. NO ONE will help him whatsoever, not even the welfare office. thank you again, any information you can give, i would appreciate. I'm very scared for him right now...at the least, if you are the praying type, please pray for him. He needs all the prayers he can get...Kate
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