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I NEED Help Please!?!?!

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  • Posted By: amijustcrazy
  • March 28, 2009
  • 00:42 PM

I am a 22 year old female that has been struggling for the past few years to figure out what the heck is wrong with me. There are a few symptoms I am very concerned about and I really need some guidance as my insurance is now non-existant and the doc I had in the past was an urgent care doc who didn't really hav the time for me. Here's the scoop:

I was always a chubby little girl, but not severely overweight or anything. In high school I was very physically fit and oned and exercised on a regular basis until my knees literally would not let me continue that workout. I went to an orthapedic doc and he gave me some knee braces (that were very ineffective) and sent me on my way. I have had continuoius knee pain from any type of activity since then, and also have sprained my ankle 5 times in the past 2 years tearing ligaments and tendons. All of those injuries happened literally from my knees and ankles just giving way and me falling down.

Next problem: A little over 2 years ago I out of no where began to put on weight at a very fast pace- it was A LOT of weight. I went from being around 150lbs. in Jan. of that year to being over 210 lbs. in Nov. of the same year. I did not have any type of change in diet, lifestyle, or exercise. It just started happening. I also started blacking out for a few minutes at a time or getting so tired I would have to IMMEDIATELY pull the car over and would wake up hours later. One day at work (@ an emergency care clinic) one of the nurses suggested I test my blood sugar just to be safe, and after eating an orange in the AM, my sugar was 210. The doc there that day said I def. had diabetes and that explained the weight gain. The fasting blood sugar test said that I didn't have diabetes and my average sugar was 84. Not bad at all, really. BUT, the doc said I probably still have it and sent me to a course about it, etc. I have never had that high of a sugar sense, but sometimes it will get to 180 or so, but rarely. The doc also said I didn't need any kind of insulin or glucophage. Try to keep it under control by eating well. Well, I wasn't and haven't been a fan of sugar or carbs for the past 6 years, so that wasn't really a change.

Next: I am CHRONICALLY tired. I wake up and do something for an hour and if I don't go back to sleep, I will fall asleep sitting up where I am. I try and try to stay awake, to get things done, but I am SOOO exhausted ALL the time. Its not that I'm being lazy, which my friends and family think that I am, I just literally CAN NOT do it. I will fall asleep during a converastion, wake up 6-13 hours later and wonder where the heck my day just went. This happens all the time. Because of this, I have developed an unhealthy fear of going to bed. I think when I go to sleep, I will sleep for 13 hours, sleep through my alarm(which happens A LOT), and miss something important. SO...now when I have something important to do in the morning, I try to go to sleep around 3 in the afternoon to make sure I won't be "in a coma" when my alarm goes off. That is the only way I can get "enough" rest. And after I go do whatever I do for a few hours, I AM EXHAUSTED AGAIN.

Some random things: I have had some ovarian cysts in my past. They started when I was 13, and 2 have ruptured. I do not have one now and no symptoms of that. When I was 13 having those tests done, they found that my spleen was abnormally swollen. Despite telling each doctor about this for 9 years, no one has ever re-checked it and I do have an uncomfortable feeling on the left side under my rib cage, and something FEELS swollen when I lay flat on my back in that spot. Also, when I am in a relaxed state, sometimes I am completely short of breath. I feel like I just am fighting to fill my lungs up. I can get some air in, but it doesn't feel like enough air and makes me feel like pancing, but I remain calm until it passes. (Sometimes up to 5 minutes.) Also, my underarms are very swollen. I noticed that most of my friends have concave armpits, and mine are VERY convex. They are not sore normally, but they are tender to touch. I also have dermographia, but I don't know if that is relative to this. I stay HOT. I have the AC on at all times. I feel like I am in a furnace if it is over 70 degrees.

Anyhow... I don't know what the heck is wrong, and maybe I am just crazy, but I just want my energy back. I feel like I can't have a normal life again until I can DO things again. People stop inviting you out when you are starting to fall asleep all the time, you know?

Any advice would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

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  • Some of your symptoms sound familiar to mine and after 4 years Im still undiagnosed..:(Sorry I don't have any advise other than KEEP pushing with the doctors, perhaps find some new ones and push push push. I'm not sure how long it's been since your last ultrasound or perhaps even colonscopy? Might be worth while asking for following up testing? I wish you the best of luck, I really do understand how hard it can be, but you must be strongxxxSammy http://www.undiagnosedillness.org
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