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I Need Help NOW (Throat)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 14, 2007
  • 00:25 AM

I am 17/M...
Well here's my story, about a month and half ago my lil brother had severe panic attack but neither me or my dad knew what it was, so naturally we called 911 fearing he might die. Obviously this was very frightening for us, and a few days later (maybe 2, not sure) I felt as if my throat was very dry and tight so I drank water but it did not seem to help. When my dad got home from the store he thought, as I did, that it was a panic attack such as the one my brother had had. So I tried to relax but the symptoms remained the same, I eventually fell asleep. Then a few days later I was at a gaming place and I began to feel the same symptoms, this time I got really scared and my dad rushed me to the Hospital (Symptoms: Dry throat, Tight throat, Weird breathing it was kind of like I had to TRY to breathe, hands, arms, feet, and legs began tingling) I got to the hospital, and when I saw the doctor (it was close to closing time) he seemed a little rushed,as my Blood Oxygen levels were normal and my symptoms had gotten slightly better, he quickly checked me out and said I had some type of nasal drip and that this caused my throat to become swollen, and since I could not breathe through my nose or mouth I had just panicked, he gave me a nasal spray and some Antihistamines. The following days were pretty bad but not as scary as before, I used the nasal spray for about 5 days and I did not notice it getting better at all. Then a few days later It got bad AGAIN, I went to the doctor he just did some blood tests and an EKG (I think, some heart exam thing) and everything seemed normal. By this time my parents and I were really worried about what this could be, they called Kaiser (our health care provider) and after speaking to someone on the phone they were advised to take me in AGAIN since I had trouble breathing and tingling hands. While at the doctor I had a chest X-ray both from the front and side and was given an inhaler in case my throat closed up again. It has now been almost two months since I first got these symptoms, breathing has become a lot easier (still bothersome and frustrating at times) but there is ONE big scary problem! THERE IS SOME WEIRD POPPING/CRACKLING SOUND COMING OUT OF MY THROAT EVERY TIME I EXHALE THROUGH MY MOUTH!
This is really bad, as my symptoms began to slowly fade away and I was becoming happy again(I was severely depressed throughout the last 7 weeks) this sound does NOT stop, also at times when I breath in deeply I have a strange sensation in my lungs almost as if they were being scratched like on my ribs or something and this sometimes also makes a noise, almost a screeching noise, but this symptom is far less common than the popping sound in my throat. I can tell that this popping/crackling sound is coming from my throat not my lungs and it is loud enough for people around me to hear.
I come to this community in despair, I NEED help. I don't know if I described my symptoms incorrectly to the doctors I have seen (3) or what but I did my best job at describing them to you guys so that you might be able to help me. PLEASE I AM TIRED OF BEING DOWN ALL THE TIME! HELP

ALSO (JUST THOUGHT THIS WOULD HELP YOU GUYS) I have always had a stuffy nose, it seems as if my nasal passages are too small or something. I CAN breath through my nose but I always find myself either having to clean my nose every five minutes or breathing through my mouth. I sometimes fall asleep and wake up gasping for air, and it is very scary, this happens very rarely but I am scared or literally dieing in my sleep! Lastly I have always had problems with my tonsils, especially when I was younger. I would get some types of infections (IDK) and would have to take penicillin. And atleast once every year or two I get a sore throat and my tonsils become swollen. This was just letting you guys know of past health problems.

-At First
*Tight Throat
*Trouble Breathing
*Tingling Hands, Arms, Legs
* Fatigue
*Stuffy Nose (Since I can remember)
-Now (after almost 2months)
*Throat still seems swollen at times (Reddish)
*Deep Breaths sometimes make a scratching type of sound
*POPPING/CRACKLING sound in throat when exhaling through mouth

I hope to get some advice from you guys, and hopefully I might be able to help someone else who experiences similar symptoms. Today is Friday, and this following Monday I have an appointment with the doctor, AGAIN. The only reason I have to go is because our great health care provider Kaiser wont allow me to go see an ENT unless I am referred to one( My dad tried over the phone, and he received a resounding NO!). I hope to use what ever advice/diagnosis I receive here in order to obtain this referral so I can be PROPERLY checked and diagnosed by a specialist. I have TRULY reached my LIMIT I don't know how much longer I can live with this. I'm on summer break and not ONE day, not even my birthday was fun. This depression is obviously directly caused by not being able to go out and have fun without having to worry about bringing an inhaler, or that if I do begin to get these symptoms, worry about what to do. I just want to be FREE again.

Thanks to everyone who replys and I will try to come back periodically to read your comments, thanks.

ALSO: You can reach me at Runescape_14@hotmail.com with any suggestions

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  • I am bumping this, I really need as much help and advice as I can get, please people! I am literally BEGGING YOU! So far doctors have just said all the tests have come back normal. I am going to the doctor THIS MONDAY, again, and hopefully this time he will refer me to an ENT specialist, until then PLEASE I truly need help
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  • You seem very inteligent for your age and I hope you get answers from the ENT Doctor. I have a few questions - do you have asthma? The type of inhaler you mentioned is it for asthma? It seems your on the right track because alot - not all - of your symptoms seem to coincide with post nasal drip. If you google it you can find lists of symptoms. As for the numbness/tingling maybe caused from your breathing as you send stress signals that your throat feels its closing up. Another question does your brother have any/all the same symptoms as you?
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  • You might have a deviate septum and the doctor can straighten it with a simple operation that takes like 20 minutes. You should be fine. There could also be some type of poison that you and your little brother are unknowingly being exposed to and that hospitals don't check for. Since your oxygen level is okay, that may rule out carbon monoxide (car exhaust pipe or home heater). Have your dad call the gas company and check all the appliances such as the stove and the water heater, furnace, just to be on the safe side for regular type gas leaks. Also, has the house been fumigated or has anyone put out any poison for weeds or ants lately? Could be something like that in addition to your septum. Is there mold in the house? Check closely for it...
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  • That's "deviated septum"...:D
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  • Thanks guys, A LOT, I'll look into that deviated suptum condition and ask my doctor about it on Monday. Also, we just moved into a new house and the symptoms started at the old house. My little brother is fine now =). And the gas and such has just been checked here, but I will ask my dad if he knows about any chemicals that may have been sprayed here before we started moving in. on yeah THANKS AGAIN!any more comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Um, just wondering. After reading about Deviated Septum the symptoms seems to have a lot with my congestion and stuff, but what about my throat? I mean it is really stressful and frightening to hear popping/crackling when ever I breath out through my mouth. This sound seems to be coming from like my tonsils or right behind them, it also feels like something back there is moving when it pops i really dont know. So, would a deviated septum lead to the problems in my throat? They are: Reddish throat, swollen tonsils, sometimes breathing gets "hard"(I liek have to THINK about breathing), the popping sounds?Also a good way of describing this sound is like when you take a gib gulp of water or just swallow saliva and you heard like a sound in your throat, or maybe that is just anotehr symptom than only I have =(PS Using the inhaler does help a bit, I used it on saturday becasue I felt my throat closing up again and my hands beginning to start tingling again, but I want to know what is wrong with me, not have to rely on my inhaler forever..Well I'm off to church now, Thank you all for your comments thus far, and hopefully you guys can answer some of these questions too. You can always reach me at Runescape_14@hotmail.com
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  • I think that post nasal drip would have more to do with your throat. Google "post nasal drip" and check the symptoms for yourself. Im glad your brother is doing fine. Not sure as to the type of inhaler you are using but most are only effective when used on a regular basis.
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  • Thanks, I'll look into that Post Nasal Drip, and the inhaler is just a normal one they issue you for asthma, the doctor said just to use it whenever I had "Bronchial Spasms" or something like that, I didnt and still dont know what that means, but I asked him "So, I should just use it whenever breathing gets really hard?" and he said yeah. I'm going to the doctor again today, although this post probably wont make it up until later tonight, well. Thanks bye =)
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  • Ask the ENT about angioedema.
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  • Thanks, I just got back from the doc a few hours ago, he quickly examined me, he had seen me before, and gave me an urgent referral to an ENt, I should see one within the next week or week and a half =)People, remember you can always reach me at runescape_14@hotmail.com And all of your responses are greatly appreciated. I will try to make an account on this site so I dont have to use "Unregistered" as my SN. Thanks again!
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  • Angioedema- Maybe, but my symptoms seem to be with me all the time, they just sometimes get a little better or worse. Today was my 4th visit to my local Hospital, all my tests are always "normal" or "healthy". I got referred to the ENT, finally and I will mention Angioedema and anything else that you guys think might help. Hopefully this problem can be resolved soon, I am really desperate right now... =(
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  • Okay, this is my profile now. Any more comments will be appreciated
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  • Sounds like you have subcutaneous crepitis of the larynx. Carbon dioxide has gotten into the tissues around your throat. If from trauma like a gun-shot, this can block your airway breathing. But, as you are still alive, yours sounds like its a chronic condition from nasal problems. (My cat had amazing crepitas after abdominal surgery...I could gently touch her and she would sound like a paper bag, but louder). Make sure you tell the ENT doc, as this is an unusual symptom. He should want to look down your throat with a bronchoscope.
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  • Stick with RAD-SKW! This person gives great advice! I had a bronchoscope recently. It was a little uncomfortable, but no big deal. If you find you end up with a diagnosis of angioedema let me know. I have it and it took ten years to get a diangosis-- soon I may even be able to identify wich type I have. Take care.
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  • Thanks aquila and rad-skw, The Doctor said he was giving me an urgent referral to an ENT. he said he was going to "scope" my throat through my nose or something like that. I think that might be the Bronchoscope you guys are talking about. Today I felt a lot better but the symptoms are still there and they have gotten better at times only to come back worse, im just glad I will see a specialist soon and I can describe all of theses symptoms, have him check me out, and hopefully get a right diagnosis and solution to this problem. And I'm sorry to hear that it took so long for them to diagnose your angioedema, what were you symptoms like Aquila?
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  • As for ubcutaneous crepitis, I was in football for a few years which may have somehow caused air to be trapped in the in my throat. But the popping/crackling noise just happens when I breath out, its kind of like a "CLICK CLICK CLICK" and with each click I feel like my throat like contracting a little going back to normal then contracting again during the next "CLICK" the clicks are almost always the same length and distance from each other it is not like "Click PAUSEEEEEEE Click click" it kind of has a rhythm that adjusts depending on how hard/fast i'm breathing out. Then sometimes when breathing in, this is more rare, I get a like a raspy or IDK how do describe it but its a weird sensation like near my lungs I think as if they were scratching almost and this occurs with deep breaths going IN. When this happens I can kind of feel this sensation in my back or stomach, its really weird. It also, when it gets bad, makes a noise that sounds almost like it is whistling, but not a smooth whistle but more liek a screeching deep whistle. I remember a week or two ago this happend, I had been laying on my side for a while watching TV then I got up, went up stairs and I could feel it. Well hope these descriptions help a littel bit more. Also, with the popping sound when exhaling my doctor said it is provably the flap of skin (forgot its name) that prevents air from going into the stomach and water/food from going into the lungs, IDK though...I hope the ENt DOES know... THANKS AGIAN GUYS! and do theses symptoms sound like ubcutaneous crepitis??????
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  • Hey thanks "aquila". To the football player. An injury to the chest can cause sub-q air. On an xray it's usually at the top, and is outside the lung. Or, stridor (whistling or creaking) when you breathe may be from enlarged tonsils and adenoids.
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  • Oh yeah, I must have forgotten to log in yesterday, I was the "football player" lol. Sorry if that confused you a bit, I was just trying to describe the symptoms a little bit more. =D
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  • You asked about symptoms of angioedema. First and foremost, I cough pretty much non-stop, and have to clear my throat often. (BTW, I have never smoked). My symptoms also included my throat ballooning out like a bullfrog's big double chin. Because I recently lost a lot of weight and also have to use steroid eye drops, my care team thought it was to do with those factors. It wasn't. I also have a sensation as if I have a "lump in my throat" (globus sensation). It sometimes feels like someone has their hands around my throat and is squeezing ever so lightly. I also wheeze occassionally when I laugh or exercise. I always chalked it up to "stress." And yes, stress can make it worse, but stress itself is not the cause. I'm glad you're going to an ENT-- if you have angioedema (and only your doctor would know) this is not something to fool around with, however they can treat it once they figure out the cause and the outlook (prognosis) is generally good.
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  • I've read up on angioedema but I dont seems to have the swelling that goes along with it, just the throat part of it I guess, but I WILL ask my ENT about it =D Thanks a lot!
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