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I need help I have clitoris pain all time

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  • Posted By: deborah bush
  • January 4, 2007
  • 09:53 PM


I have clitoris pain all the time since 2003. It hurts all the time!! I am looking for I doctor that would help me in the WV, OH, and PA. Thanks

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  • Hi Deborah, I just read your thread and I'm sitting here in disbelief. I have beenreading threads and replies for a while looking for any guys that have pain in theirpenis 24/7...365 to find a "remedy". I never imagined I'd find a girl that was sufferingsymptoms like mine. Not to discourage you, but this has been going on for "13" years! I feel so bad for you, I can say with certainty, I know what you're going through. If you brouse around, you'll see some of my threads and replies. " Hurts toEjaculate"..."Painful Ejaculation"..."I'm tired of explaining this constant pain to everyone". Oh yea, not only does it hurt relentlessly, I can't even **m without almostpassing out!! (sorry if that's to forward) It took a long time but I found a place that'shelping me control the pain. Not a cure, but I'll take it 'til we figure this out. Whenyou started hurting, didn't you think that , these symptoms are so bold and obviousthey'll know what it is , I'll be better soon? How can nobody know what's causing this? You said you're looking for help in the tri-state area, I live in Pittsburgh, if I canhelp in any way I will. If you reply to this, I'll give you my e-mail, we'll talk. PEACE:(
    remedy13 24 Replies
    • January 5, 2007
    • 05:04 AM
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  • Thanks for you reply and I would like to e-mail you. My e-mail is deborahbush1952@yahoo.com. It would also be nice to meet in person. Have a nice day. Deborah Bush
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 8, 2007
    • 04:30 PM
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  • Hello I am writing this message to hopefully help others who are going through what i just did. I am a Ftom Transsexual. That is a Woman who is transitioning to become male. I been on testosterone treatments for years and had a full hysterectomy. I just 2 years ago under went a full breast removal. I am keeping my lower female part however. So after a while i started to have atrophy and pain. Infections which would go back and forth between yeast and bacteria. My skin became so fragile i would bleed during sex. It got to the point i could no longer perform for my lover and i could barely go a few minutes sitting,walking and constantly had the sensation i had to urinate. I went 3 years like this DR to DR MED to MED finally i flew to another country and saw homeopathic Dr's and spoke to a native healer. I have been steadily getting better and i am at the moment 6 months free of YEAST infections! I have a little pain but it is tolerable and everyday is getting to be better. So here is what i was told. IT DOES WORK. First yeast lives off of carbohydrates and sugars. So FAST yest FAST for 2 weeks NO sugar and NO breads or yeasts. That means pizza,bread,some cakes things of that nature. No juice or other sugary things. No honey. JUST veggies and basics. You will most likely get sick for 2-3 days as the yeast in your system dies off. Once the yeast gets lowered "naturally" you will start to feel better and notice a change in your vagina. Now i was on premarin for my atrophy wich cause the pain to my clitoris due to it has ALCOHOL in it. I do not recommend premarin cause of this instead i switched to vagifem. Also i used 100% fruit of the earth brand aloe vera gel on my ***t and outer area to ease the chemical burn or irritation from yeast. Yease does not care much for aloe. Aloe does not harm the PH either. The next thing i did was make a pact where i monitored my sugar intake adding back a little at a time and if i eat something with yeast in it i eat a yogurt with acidophiles in it after this keeps the amount of yeast in your system in balance with the amount of bacteria. I really hope this helps people because my yeast infections where immune to medical treatments and yes it is a hard to do cure and it is un comfy but it REALLY does work. I have been yeast free now for over 6 months and counting!
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    • August 14, 2011
    • 07:11 AM
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