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i need help bad can someone point me in the right direction?

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  • Posted By: michelledp
  • May 19, 2011
  • 00:20 PM

My symptoms are as follows: I have severe gerd. I get extremely painful gas bubbles in my esophogus and all in my stomach torso area. my abdomen spasms alot. i get pain all over my body sometimes in legs sometimes in arms. i get shooting pains anywhere and everywhere. i have a lot of cramps. i have had them in all spots on my back even in armpits and shoulders. I had one once on my upper back at he base of my neck that lasted for 30 plus mns i couldnt move i felt like i couldnt breath i almost called 911 but i have too many times so i decided not to. the pain wakes me up everynight and i cant go back to sleep unless i eat protein. I have to eat lots of protein throughout the day when i dont i get pain in random places then i start to feel like i cant breath then i get a full blown panick attack but as soon as i eat protein it goes away. sugar makes my symptoms way worse. it is not blood sugar related i have higher blood sugar not diabetes. i even got a glucose meter and its always in the normal range. i dont have thyroid problems, b12 deficency or iron deficiency. my liver heart lungs and kidneys are fine. my blood pressure is always 60 though its been lower i wonder if this means anything. i am only 22. I have tried all psychiatric medications and therapy. all the meds made things alot worse, well the anti psychotcs like respidal and ablify gave me life threatening symptoms plus they made me super restless. mood stabalizers make me feel rly weird and uncomfortable. anti anxiety pills like zanax and clonopin dont work they give me bad acid reflux that make me feel like i cant breath. anti depressants dont rly work. every therapist i have seen says i am obsessed with whats going on with me and probly need to figure it out.all i know so far that i do have is gastritis, esophogitis, and vit d deficiency. i have the worst pain all over my body someone please help. its alot worse than ive been able to explain on here. no one ever seems to believe how bad it is

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  • Not sure about the GERD -- but I do know about the constants cramps -- EVERYWHERE. I also had a problem with constant, recurring mouth sores (like canker sores, ouch!). During a convresation with a co-worker, who sees a rheumatologist, she mentioned taking Folic Acid for some of her symptoms, which are similar to mine. I now take 800 mcg of Folic Acid -- 2x/day (a.m./p.m.) and cannot believe the "miraculous cure" of my sypmtoms. I've tested it out by "forgetting" to take it for a couple of days and they start back in almost within 24 hours, then as soon as I start taking the Folic Acid again the cramps/spasms quit. For the last two months I have been able to sleep ALL night long for the first time in years, literally. Also, any mouth sores that have started to develop have done nothing more than "start", they never actually develop. My mom also has problems with cramps/spams all over body and she has started taking it and they have stopped for her! How much simpler can I get as a "cure" to what's been a HUGE issue for me for 10+ years!? While not sure if this will help you, it definitely can't hurt you to try and see if it won't help your cramps and muscle spasms. Good luck!
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  • Michelle I think I know what your issue is and all you said fits it. I have hyperinsulinemia .. and one of the most common symptoms of it is GERD (heart burn). I was on Nexium for the GERD before a specialist realised I had the insulin issue. Ive cut carbs nearly right out of my diet (no bananas, potatoes, corn, cereal.. only one piece of bread per day, no sugar.. limit of one small piece of fruit per day (fruit has fructose which is a carb.. be aware that tomatoes are a fruit so also need to be limited). Milk has carbs too so I limit that to 1-2 cups per day. Since Ive done that.. I havent had GERD once so dont have to take any meds anymore for the GERD. My specialist calls insulin issues (insulin resistance).. pandoras box.. as it can cause so many different symptoms. So many doctors dont realise how much trouble it can cause in some. but as soon as i eat protein it goes away. Im 90% sure this is where your answer lays as protein helps with balancing the insulin. Ive been told I have to eat meat 3 times daily and have protein food before I eat anything else to help my insulin. it is not blood sugar related i have higher blood sugar not diabetes. sugar makes my symptoms way worse Hyperinsulinemia is a prediabetes state so one may start to also show higher blood sugar at times or low blood sugar as ones system is messing up. Sugar will make one worst as it causes the insulin to sky rocket as it tries to control the sugar. I think that if you can highly restrict your carbs and up that protein (meat 3 times daily and protein before other foods). You may find your symptoms go. Get your doctor to send you for a 2 hr glucose tollerance test WITH INSULIN or send you to a specialist who deals with hyperinsulinemia. (its not a conditon most doctors are familiar with). (my insulin issue nearly got missed as their glucose syrup didnt make it go up to high on first test .. fortunately they retested it cause of my specialist being so sure it was my issue, it was found to go very high on the next occassion.. high after fasting and high when insulin was tested after eatting my normal breakfast). Changing my whole diet has me feeling MUCH better then I was and completely got rid of some of my symptoms (as I also have other health issues, I still do have others). best luck ps. im shocked your doctors have had you on all those psych pills for this. * Very Important. Places where one gives blood are often not at all familiar with Insulin testing (as they usually tend to focus on blood sugar and diabetes.. I had trouble getting a blood place which knew little to do the test properly)... so you may need to make sure they do the testing properly (also for the full 2 hrs) and send the blood on properly. The blood needs to be transported to the testing lab on dry ice or the results for the insulin may not be correct. http://www.agale.com.au/assay2.htm (something my specialist has wrote about that). His web address is at http://www.agale.com.au/index.htm and you can click on his insulin resistance/hyperinsulinemia link to learn more about this condition. If it wasnt for that specialist.. I'd still have a lot more issues...Id seen over 15 doctors who had missed it before my gynocologist realised I probably had this (as I have PCOS.. up to 90% of those who have PCOS have insulin issues or diabetes) .. and hence then sent me on to this other who specialised hyperinsulinemia. best luck
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  • gerd is caused by the acid producing cells in the gut getting attacked by the immune system, so it stops producing so much acid and the results are food (especially protein) is not properly digested so you miss out on the nutrients. the valve/muscle at the top of the stomach does not close properly until stomach acid is high enough so the stomach contents come up a bit and burn etc. if you were digesting protein properly you would be getting- theanine (stops anxiety) tryptophan (mood . anxiety sleep) etc etc. google all the amino acids and you'll get the picture. you could try an expensive but worthwhile blood test that checks exactly what food you should be eating to try to calm down the immune system a bit. extreme performace consultants epc are the only ones i know doing the blood test. you could be low on so many things- cramps can be potassium (please don't supplement with this without advice though as it can be dangerous). but it looks like you are not digesting your food to get the nutrients out of it so supplements (unless pre digested ) won't be digested either. however if you supplement with amino acids on an empty stomach this will possibly help. i would recommend msm longterm. l glutamine on empty stomach will help heaps too. but yes i agree that sugar reduction would help big time as it really aggravates immune responses.
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