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I need help

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  • Posted By: nokia 7610
  • June 7, 2008
  • 05:02 PM

I need help in that
when i go out in the sun or it becomes hot i feel with great headache and dizzy and i feel that there are hammers in my head and i feel that i want to vomit even i wear a cap and sunglasses so what that i went to eyes doctor and said to me that my eyes is sensitive from lights
i don't know what that please help me

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  • Some people get migraines from sunlight. Some sunglasses might help more than others. For every person that has migraines, the results of one person's symptoms may vary from the next person's symptoms. Therefore not everyone is doing the same thing in the prevention of migraines. And in some cases as in the topic sunglasses and migraines, some people may have less sensitivity to light as may the next person have more of a sensitivity to noise or with the next person sound.There are some people that use sunglasses every time they leave the house with exceptions of the night. In some cases people are highly sensitive to all types of lights and they use sunglasses indoors as well as outdoors and some even use a sleeping mask at night during their sleep. Then there are some people that are sensitive to movements such ad sudden movements that cause ones eyes to move rapidly towards the movement which may irritate the eyes and can possibly trigger a migraine.It is known that most people find that sunglasses help ease the triggers of these movements. There are also certain medications that are made especially for these sensitivities and yet when they get migraines they are so intense that they still use the sunglasses because of the fear that the medicine might not work and then they will be again attacked by a severe migraine.In studies they show that 82 percent of migraines are caused by light exposure and the main resources of light is the sun.. Within that 82 percent 42 percent said that between their migraine attacks they had high sensitivity to light with auras.Most studies show that people with light sensitivity migraines frequently have more migraines during the season of summer more than any other season of the year.Eighty-two percent identified light exposure as a cause for the attacks, and 42 percent said they were sensitive to light between attacks. In this vary study it was also noted that most of the people that took process in this study we're wearing headache sunglasses on regular basis and that they helped with intensity as well as frequency.The best pair of headache sunglasses we have found are produced by a company called Trigger Optics. They are stylish and extremely effective at reducing the pain and frequency of migraine headaches. They also meet all the criteria listed below. You can find them at TriggerOptics.comIf you are in the market for headache sunglasses make sure you look for a few things:1. Make sure they have passed FDA inspection with impact resistance lenses and that they meet ANZIZ80.3UV protecbon standards.2. That they reduce infrared rays.3. They absorb 100% of harmful UVA & UVB rays.4. They filter color while maintaining high levels visible contrast.
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  • My husband has serious trouble with sunlight because his pupils don't dialate all the way. Going to an optometrist (eye doc) would probably be a good idea.
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  • Wow blaze you are truely a trooper. I've read a lot of your other posts and with all those symptoms I don't know how you can open your eyes and type. Good job. Back to the issue, whens the last time you went in for an eye test? Sometimes they do that test there where they dialate your pupils with those drops. Ever get one of those done? Even lenscrafter or for eyes can do that for ya, a lot cheaper than going to regular doctor too.
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  • thank you qwertyuiop123 you was helpful thanksand all of you
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