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  • Posted By: pipla31
  • April 19, 2007
  • 08:41 PM

August 2003 : I had swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Also I had what they thought was a parotid tumor, but it was caused by other swollen lymph nodes. These entire where surgically removed. At that time, I was 25 years old and I was doing mounting bike competition and was training 12 hours a week. I always sleep very well and try to eat the best I can.

August 2003 - April 2004 : I gained an unexplained 30 pounds while training 12 hours a week.

April 2004 : I had the first of many muscle weakness episodes. At this time I was weak from mid april to mid may. The weakness was accompanied with sore throat and a very high thirst. I could drink 1 litter of water per hour without problem.

May 2004 - August 2004. I can do some bike again without any symptoms (beside my weight gain which is still the case today).

August 2004 - November 2004. I had the same symptoms as in april - may 2004.

These episodes are easier and easier to obtain. For example, in early march of this year, I had to stand up 10 minutes and I was weak for 1 week with a severe headache. In the last few weeks other symptoms have come:
- I have knee pain.
- I have dental pain.
- I have back pain.
- I have to always sit. If i do the least effort my muscle will become very weak and if they are weak it is easier to become weaker.

During this time I saw many doctors. I saw two infectiologists. The first tested many diseases and told me I had nothing. The second infectiologists tested more diseases and referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist thinks I have nothing wrong. He now thinks I should see a psychiatric.

However, when doing a muscular biopsy last month a doctor asked me questions which are related to Lyme disease. I now remember an insect sucking my blood in Mount Washington in summer 2002. I removed it with a tap from the other hand. However, the blood test came back negative.

Do you have any idea what I should do ?


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  • Ticks sucking blood don't just fall off if you tap your arm, they need to be physically removed from the skin by a tweezer or other such instrument. Lyme disease is also typically an North Eastern thing. It sounds like you were overtraining yourself a few years back. Even if you were eating and sleeping properly, if you were training with more effort and intensity than your body could handle, it's quite possible. Outside of clear abnormal values (elevated cortisol, low testosterone, elevated resting heart rate, elevated blood pressure, exercise intolerance) there is no real way to "test" for overtraining syndrome. The weight gain issue and some of your other symtpoms can be caused by tumors. Is there any part of your body that is slightly larger? Is the weight gain constant or only when you're training? Did you have any kind of brain MRI or CT to look for tumors or check out your endocrine system? Any blood testing or thyroid testing? Diabetes? Symptoms of low blood pressure? If you haven't already you need to have a complete blood test checking for far more than just infectious disease antibodies. You may also want to go to a rhumatologist.
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  • In the beginning I though overtraining would make sense. But now that I just have to stand for 5 minutes to become weak and have other weird symptoms I think it is not just overtraining. Maybe I am wrong. I had many thyroid testing, I had also diabetes testing. I did not have a brain MRI and I don't know if my endocrine system has been checked. But I had done many blood tests, at least 30. I don't have low blood pressure. My cortisol level is normal. My heart rates and my blood pressure are normal. The weight gain has been everywhere but mainly in the chest and the face. My face is now very round. Does overtraining could really do that to me? Thanks!
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  • Hi again. I think the weight gain and round face is usually linked to Cushing's syndrome, but that's related to cortisol which you indicated was normal. If you haven't had any kind of endocrine testing you might want to ask for it, as well as a 24 hour urine test. Is your creatanine level normal? It could be something like rhabdomyolysis but probably not or else you'd be in a life-threatining condition by now. Maybe also get a B-12 test and even a test for lupus. Can you recall having any kind of infection prior to the onset? Like a bad cold or fever? Have you ever been infected with the Epstein-Barr Virus (often causes mononucleosis) or been checked for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? I agree- overtraining doesn't really seem like the answer if you can't even stand up that long. Still, I wonder if it's possible that your body became so overtaxed with the training that it's now unable to handle any kind of stress put on it?
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  • When I started to gain weight, I had the enlarged lymph nodes removed in summer of 2003. The doctor said I had a toxoplasmosis infection. I know that overtraining can start when the body fights a disease. I really start to think it may be overtraining again... If it is the case that my body is very overtaxed, it will be hard to get out of this since I am at an all time low. In the past, I have done exercice in between of my muscle weakness episodes only to relapse because of a too intense workout. I know that active recovery is a treatment to overtraining. Maybe I should try a 5 minutes a day (4-5 days a week) light workout for a month and see if my condition improves. If it improves, I should do 10 minutes a day of light workout and so on. I should only do intense exercices only if my body weight comes down, which will indicate me that my body is less stressed. If everything is successful, I should reconsider my original training program. To be able to get out of this, I must not think about doing bike competition in the near future, but only think about improving my current condition.
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  • go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com see how many sx you have, I hope it helps...mommy cat
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