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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 5, 2007
  • 09:33 PM

I am now a 25 year old woman,and have had problems as a child.Broken bones fractures,sprains etc.At about 15 I started getting wide spread pain and it only got worse.It took until I was 20 to find a doctor who believed enough to do some tests and try to relieve the pain.Needless to say I ended up having a seizure disorder and being on so much meds a normal person would have overdosed.I eventually did just taking what I was supposed to.I went through an agonizing 3 day detox to get off of everything and have since been afraid to take anything stronger then darvocet.I now wake up to swollen abd burning hands and feet body cramping to where it takes me at least an hour to get moving,and by the middle of the day have suchburning pain,and shaking that all i wish i could do is lay down and not get up.my hip started clicking and eventually started hurting along with my knees.I have also started getting a weird dizzy drunk feeling where I almost dont catch myself.and this happens with just moving my head or walking from one room to another.My arms and legs lose circulation and turn purple with white dots a number of times a day.It also happens taking a shower espically my feet,they swell and turn so dark purple they almost look black.and there is almost always a line of horrible pain that goes from the top of my but up to my neck.I also deal with stomache issues Ive had my gallbladder removed,only to find out it was ok.And my doctors will always think I havea kidney infection or kidney stones but the tests come up neg.I do know of ovarien cysts and have once had a procedure for cervical cancer.My most recent tests for that now are all good.I go out with my husband every once in a while and if I try to drink even one drink I get sick.There is just to much combined and no answers .If you have any ideas please reply.thank you for reading all of this,I know its a lot.

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  • I really don't know what, exactly, could be wrong with you, but I am answering to give you whatever bits come to mind. I know it is too frustrating to post, and then not get any answer at all. First: Don't ever drink alcohol! You already know your body cannot tolerate it. And given that, make sure you get a blood test for liver functioning.Second: See a neurologist, and explain your symptom set to that person. Third: See a specialist in immune disorders. Your symptoms have a kind of auto-immune problem "feel" to me, though nothing specific comes to mind.I truly wish you best of luck. It sounds just dreadful what you are going through.Shula
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  • I have been to a neuroligist,had MRI of my back one from 2 years ago said sculeosis and I damaged some disks,Just had another a couple weeks ago and that one came back normal.Blood work ok except dilantin level was low,so they ajusted that.I once had something with epstein bar but never really under stood it.Ive had on and off anemia.That is now normal.They then did xray of my hip for the clicking and pain,once again normal.that and my knee are new symptoms that i started getting I think about a year ago,all the other stuff ive had for a long time.I also got vascular testing for the loss of circulation in my arms and legs and they came up with nothing,and the doc has seen how bad they get.Last Friday I had some test done where they shock you with this paddle that has 2 metal things on it and that did show some nerve damage but they didnt do my legs like they had planned, they ended up just doing my arms,and wanted to put me on depression meds.I have also been on alot of them as well but I feel worse so I make myself very clear on that idea.I would rather deal with being upset every once in a while than feel nothing at all.Plus I am a mom of 3 beautiful boys,anyone who has kids I hope would understand the need to have feelings instead of just emotional numbness.That for me is a need in being a good mom reguardless of what I go through every day.But along with everything else I deal with a good amount of female issues.Ovarien cysts.colapsing bladder,uterine bleeding and cervical displasia.Such a widespread of thing makes life and appointments very hard and confusing,and then you see the doctors every once in a while that dont believe you until they see some of it for themselfs in the office.I just want to figure it out and get somewhere on the way to getting better for me and my kids sake so any info or ideas you may have are very appriecated.thanks
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  • Hi, Its possible you may have undx'd Lyme disease and a coinfection. Not every one gets a notable rash. Its sounds like you may have a problem with Vasculitis or hypercoagulation with the all the purpleness your having. This is caused by the blood being too thick, with fibrin. CCB's don't work for that. People with Lyme have this too. Raynaud's usually only affects the hands and feet, when they get cold. Please note a neg Lyme test dosen't mean you don't have it. The tests aren't fool proof, and many people had neg test results...Only to find out yrs later they do have it. Part of the Dx is by symptoms. Not everyone has all the symptoms. there is a good list at the link I will give you. Having a drink is a no no for Lyme patients as it makes us much worse. Please check out this link and see if you can find more info and help there. Best wishes~~ Dee , lymenet.org
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  • Hi, have you ever consider a genetic disease called "glass bones", due to an abnormality in the sinthesis of collagen. That could be the answer, see a doctor, and then he or she will send you to a specialist. Take care, bye
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